Revel Launches Robust Delivery XT Solution for Delivery Management

Revel Blog | Sydney Kida | November 10, 2020 |

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Delivery is a Critical Offering

Delivery capabilities are now even more critical for many retail and hospitality businesses as they strive to remain open and service customers amid the pandemic. Revel's Delivery XT solution is quick and easy-to-implement for businesses who want to manage their own delivery operations. This solution helps operators improve margins and have greater control over the customer experience.

How the Delivery XT Solution Helps

For businesses looking to drive increased revenue from delivery services, Delivery XT offers new options for maximizing returns on delivery orders. Powered by Captain AI software, the solution allows operators to fully manage orders from their own platforms. It offers the latest in delivery management technology including:

-Driver tracking -Order grouping -Delivery time estimates -Order confirmation and status updates

“Delivery has been a lifeline for merchants throughout the pandemic and restaurants and retailers are now seeing the benefits of having their own native offering instead of relying entirely on third-party providers,” said Chris Lybeer, chief strategy officer, Revel Systems. “Since delivery enhancements were already on our roadmap, we’ve fast-tracked these developments in response to the market need. Delivery XT improves the customer experience through each step of the purchasing process, ensuring constant communication and clear expectations from the start.”

Solution is Fully Integrated

Delivery XT integrates directly with Revel’s POS. It offers seamless order flow and analytics for operational ease and improvement. Revel’s cloud-based solution also allows for system-wide, real-time updates and insights.

Features like driver tracking and delivery time estimates enhance the customer experience for diners eating at home. Additional features, such as automated route optimization, are also on track for future app versions.

“With Delivery XT we’re able to really enhance the experience for our customers. Food arrives quickly, so it’s still fresh and hot when it’s delivered, and with native delivery we’re able to bypass third-party delivery fees on those orders,” said Michael DeAngelo, owner, Wok Hei. “We can also stay in constant communication with our customers, helping them track their orders until the food reaches their door.”

Data shows many have been able to keep their business afloat in this difficult time. In fact, takeout and delivery searches which is up 148 percent. Accordingly, predictions reflect that the off-premise dining trend could be here to stay.

Update Your Solution Today

For restaurants and retailers surviving the constant challenges of the pandemic, executing seamless off-premise dining and delivery have been major factors in their ability to weather the crisis. Revel’s platform offers a nimble, easily updated solution for such businesses forced to rethink and retool their operations due to the economic impacts of COVID-19.