Features to look for in the best winery POS platform

Revel Blog | Revel Systems | September 21, 2021 |



As a winery owner you juggle tasting events, wine club marketing campaigns, and wholesale online orders. Although you may have had some success with your winery management using pen and paper methods or Excel spreadsheets, those often come with inventory errors, minimal loyalty program enrollment, and ineffective marketing efforts.

More and more wineries are ditching outdated manual winery management methods or lackluster point of sale (POS) systems for more robust and modern transactional platforms.

A modern platform has the capabilities to handle your online and in-person transactions, collect detailed customer data and automatically track inventory.

Although leveraging a new, modern platform has these benefits, the change to an all-electronic solution or new vendor can be intimidating.  What if your winery loses its brand reputation with new marketing capabilities? What if the POS vendor accidentally deletes your inventory data?  Will the POS platform really be able to maintain and even build your award-winning club membership program?

This article is here to help. Although wineries can differ in their needs depending on size, target segment and location, there are some universal must-haves in a POS platform that should always be considered and help ensure the continued success of your winery operations. Make note of the features below when talking with vendors for optimal POS vetting.

Customer Analytics & Marketing

Your POS platform should have the ability to collect such demographic information as age and gender, as well as behavioral information, such as previous purchases and online interactions with your site. Other examples of helpful customer insights include lifetime value, purchase history including online, phone and wine club sales, customer preferences and detailed order notes. 

As well, make sure your POS platform can pair these customer insights with segmented marketing campaigns. An example of this includes purchase-triggered emails that are segmented by which items were purchased.

Your POS platform should offer you easily digestible customer insights, like purchase history, to provide upsell opportunities to your staff, on a self-service kiosk, or on your website. If paired with google analytics, these upsell opportunities could be generated from specific online behaviors such as pages viewed or time spent on your website. 

Event Management

In order to increase demand for your wine tastings, make it as convenient as possible for your guests to make reservations. With the right POS platform, you’ll be able to easily book guests for tastings, as well as optionally remind them via SMS text of their upcoming event at your winery. The important features to note with these capabilities include detailed event calendars and direct messaging with event staff and attendees.

As well, you will want to know which events were most profitable. In this case, it is advisable to invest in a winery point of sale platform that allows you to analyze the events you have previously hosted including a return on investment (ROI) comparison.

Winery Transactions

One of the most important aspects of a POS is speedy checkout and transaction integration. This creates a holistic customer experience from your website to your brick-and-mortar location. Be sure your POS has the following features for optimal transaction speed and integration:

  • Touchscreens 
  • Barcode scanning
  • Payment processing of every type (credit, touchless, digital wallet)
  • Hot keys for common dollar amounts
  • Emailed digital receipts
  • Customer display screen for easy verification of transaction details
  • Ability to capture customer emails for customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Easy options for generating discounts 
  • Gratuity capture
  • Ability to access tracking numbers

Stock and Inventory Tracking

Free up employee time and increase efficiency by relying on your POS for real-time stock-taking and data entry. Set up auto alerts and re-orders for when inventory runs low, and look for a solution that ensures returns can be processed quickly. 


Is there a more natural pairing than wine and cheese? If you agree, and the food options at your establishment reflect that philosophy, you’re going to want a menu setup that’s easy to maintain and update. 

A huge plus for a cloud-native POS platform is its menu agility and ability for real-time updates. Out of your best-selling chèvre? Not to worry! You can instantly remove it from your digital menu with a cloud POS, helping to get ahead of conflict with any guests who would be tempted to order that cheese with their next glass.

Your platform can also provide customized cheese and plate sizes as well as wine glass types—these are classic add ons and modifiers for a winery POS. 

cloud-native POS platform

Club Membership

A wine club membership is critical for customer service and retention. Make sure your POS platform has:

  • Wine club tasting benefits management on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis
  • An easy sign-up process for customers
  • A well-developed wine membership portal (essentially a loyalty program) where customers can manage their own profiles and:
    • Enter and update personal data
    • Pick wines they love
    • Leverage their order history for fast re-orders
    • Automatic calculation of any and all club member discounts
    • Customer enrollment for multiple club types

Online Engagement

With COVID-19 restrictions, more customers want your winery to translate from a physical to a digital space. One development aligning with this trend is the ability to have wine tastings at home. In order to offer a great guest experience off premises, you need an intelligent winery POS that caters to the industry.

Your POS should offer customers multiple sales channels through the apps and online interactive wine clubs. This allows consumers to purchase and interact with your brand at their own convenience, at any time. In addition to this, wholesale customers should be able to access a web portal where they can directly place and manage orders.

So Which POS Is Right For You?

POS vendor vetting can be time consuming and difficult. Even if you set time aside to talk to vendors, sales agents may skew information to make their POS seem like a better deal than it actually is. Keep in mind: the adage “you get what you pay for” rings true for business management software just as it does for fine wine.

Luckily, Revel offers a winery POS—a tried and true solution for wineries. The iPad interface is highly intuitive and easy to use, making staff onboarding a breeze. Additionally, Revel has the features and functionality you’ll need for inventory management, detailed reports and analytics, payment flexibility, CRM, and more. 

The core point of sale features are robust and include the ability to split bills, pre-authorize large tabs and conduct your wintery’s tasting room experience. Revel’s hardware can be configured to fit your winery’s needs, allowing you to choose from iPad terminals, self-service kiosks, mobile order takers, barcode scanners and receipt printers.

If you’re on the hunt for a user-friendly, highly scalable platform, look no further than Revel. Click here to learn more about Revel’s Winery POS Platform.