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What Rachel’s Kitchen and Como Can Teach Us About Loyalty (Case Study)

Sydney Kida | June 18, 2019 |

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What Rachel’s Kitchen and Como Can Teach Us About Loyalty (Case Study)

Driving Loyalty Drives Business

Today’s consumers live in a world of unprecedented choice. They can choose how, when, and where they watch a hit TV episode (or 10). They can decide whether to align their food order with fad diet restrictions or the latest toppings craze. They can choose to travel with a ride-sharing service, an e-scooter, and more. Consumers hold tremendous power to align their dollars with desirable experiences. Now more than ever, retailers must delight customers to retain them. When it is a priority for businesses, customer delight also has much to teach us about loyalty.

Loyalty programs are one way to personalize relevant—and desirable—customer experiences. One such program has been integral to the success of Rachel’s Kitchen, a Las Vegas-based café that has expanded from one to eight locations since its 2006 inception. The growing franchise uses an integration between Como and Revel Systems point of sale solution to administer its Preferred Guest loyalty program.

How Rachel's Kitchen can teach us about loyalty

“I can take customer service to the next level by offering a much more personalized experience,” says Kent Asaki, chief development officer for Rachel’s Kitchen. “[Through the new program] I can keep track of customers. I can capture all purchases—what they purchased and when.”

The details have always mattered to Rachel’s Kitchen franchise locations. Their cafes offer fresh, quality ingredients and prioritize highly-personal guest experiences. Through the years the restaurant’s Preferred Guest program has accumulated tens of thousands of members. With such a high volume of loyal guests, the leadership team knew it was time to upgrade their legacy loyalty program to a state-of-the-art, omni-channel engagement tool.

Before upgrading their program, Rachel’s Kitchen leaders outlined the following traits they sought in a loyalty solution:

  • A way to value existing customers and further nurture their loyalty
  • The ability to gain applicable customer insights
  • A solution that maintained a personal touch  
  • A tool offering a high degree of personalization
  • Flexibility to easily customize the program to franchise needs
  • The option to target customers in relevant ways based on their orders

The team knew they needed an option for a seamless, secure data transfer when upgrading their program. Como and Revel’s integrated loyalty solution made this possible. “We have accumulated about 50,000 accounts within our Preferred Guest program, and we were able to easily migrate those 50,000 accounts over to our Como system,” Asaki says.

Learn more about what Rachel's Kitchen and Como can teach us about loyalty in the webinar recording—Upgrade from Loyalty Club to Advanced Customer Engagement Solution—hosted by Restaurant Business.