3 Tech Trends Fueling Growth for Restaurants

Revel Blog | Revel | October 22, 2018 |

Industry Insights

Multi-Location restaurant operators face a unique set of challenges. In addition to the operational challenges single location operators deal with, multi-location operators should also focus on staying ahead of technology trends to grow business across every location.

While trends come and go, let’s take a look at the those that don’t show any signs of slowing down. Here are three that have been fueling growth for multi-location restaurants all 2018.

1. Mobile App

A branded mobile app provides restaurants an easy way to cater to customers and provide additional touch points. Mobile apps can offer a number of services, the most popular are a Mobile Loyalty Program and Mobile Ordering.

There are additional benefits of adding a mobile app, including:

- Minimize order error. Rather than taking down orders over the phone, a mobile app lets customers double check and get the right order.

- Maintain order history, and easy reorder.

- A handy loyalty program means nobody worries about forgetting punch cards.

Want to stay connected to your customers? Take a note from Balance Grille, a growing pan-Asian restaurant chain that leverages a mobile app to stay connected to diners and drive sales. By adding a mobile app that incorporates communications, loyalty, and mobile ordering, Balance Grille has achieved a 17% increase in average check size. Further, Balance Grille’s diners benefit from the perks, regardless of the location they are visiting.

2. Ordering Options

Today’s diners find it more important than ever to have ordering options available. From online and mobile ordering to self-service options that keep customers moving, the name of the ordering game is convenience.

General Manager of Little Star, a bustling Bay Area pizza chain, explains the benefits of utilizing online ordering. “Well, imagine taking 245 orders a night and ringing every single one in. Not all the pizzas are gonna come out correct. Versus when order pops out through online ordering or through our third party and it just prints out directly how the customer rang it in, that tells you how much better it is for the customer.”

3. Measuring and Managing Data

With 25 locations, Gen Korean, Korean BBQ chain, needed to be data-driven in order to plan for a success. "Revel helps us be confident in our planning," said Gen Korean CEO, David Kim. "So looking into the next week, into the next day, into the next month or year, we're able to look on the previously collected data and use that data, analyze it and use that to plan ahead. And that helps in so many different ways," remarked David.

While data is important for every business, analytics and data measurement play a crucial role in managing multiple locations. Utilizing a POS system that tracks and analyzes key information, including sales data and inventory levels, enables management to have clear insights into multiple locations without needing to physically be in every location.