Revelry 2018: Customer Revelations

Revel Blog | Revel | October 9, 2018 |

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Revelry has come and gone, but this year’s festivities were the best yet—thanks in large part to the contributions of Revel customers. From POS menu mastery to good old-fashioned business advice, Revelry attendees left with a lot to think about. Be sure to check out Revel’s resource center for full videos —but in the meantime, below are some highlights from the customer presentations at Revelry 2018.

Fireside Chat with David Kim, CEO of Gen Korean

Over the course of his storied career, Dave Kim has learned a lot. Those lucky enough to make it to Revelry this year received much of this wisdom firsthand, including the story of how Dave got his start in business, takeaways from his time on Undercover Boss, and a whole lot of advice for folks in the restaurant business.

Mastering Your Menu with Philip Gomez of Patty’s Cakes

Audience members were blown away by the menu of Philip Gomez, Co-Owner of Patty’s Cakes and Desserts. Despite a menu with 485 items and 685 modifiers (!!), Philip had been able to make his POS easy for his employees to use and navigate. Some of his tips: take the time to plan and prepare, make good use of Revel features like modifier classes and abbreviations, and don’t be afraid of a little trial and error.

Restaurant Customer Panel: Calvin Carie of Copper Moon Coffee, Mark Knowles of The Growler Guys, and Chicago Lyric Opera’s Eric Hayes and Leslie McLean

The discussion on the restaurant customer panel was interesting, insightful and, at times, pretty hilarious. The diversity of our speakers’ businesses and backgrounds meant that there was a little something for everyone, but a lot of their core advice was the same: do the homework, plan things out, seek out and embrace opportunities for change. Identify the elements of your business that make it unique, and find ways of harnessing those unique qualities to enhance the customer experience.

Retail Q&A with GolfTEC’s Flynn McLain

Flynn McLain, GolfTEC’s SVP of Franchising, Technology Operations & Project Management, shared some of his thoughts on how a commitment to client service, investment in quality personnel, and a thoughtful expansion plan can combine with a technologically-empowered retail operation to really drive growth. He also identified several best practices for franchise-model businesses, including centralized management control and the use of available data to pick strong options for new locations.