4 Pieces of Tech Your Pizzeria Kneads to be Successful

Revel Blog | Revel | October 2, 2018 |

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There’s no denying pizza is big business – in fact, it’s grown to be a $128 billion dollar industry globally, to be exact. In order to reach these numbers, major players in the pizza industry are leading technology innovation across the restaurant industry with technology like robotic pizza prep, shoes that can order pizzas, and even delivery drones.

While your pizzeria may not be ready for this technology quite yet, it’s important to know the technology available today that will enable your business to enhance operations, delight customer, and in turn, increase revenue.

Check out four technologies helping pizzerias grow today:

1. Mobile / Online Ordering Options

Online and mobile ordering have moved from “nice to haves” to “must haves” in just a few short years. With 60% of Domino's orders are coming from digital channels, you can see how rapidly consumers are adopting this technology.

Implementing mobile or online ordering platforms brings in additional streams of revenue from customers who are on the hunt for restaurants that match their lifestyle.

2. Digital Loyalty Program

According to GI Insight, 87% of consumers say that, when a company has a good loyalty program, they have continued purchasing from that brand over the last few years, and 33% have even switched brands because the company they shifted their purchasing to had an appealing loyalty program.

Take Pizza Hut’s loyalty program, Hut Rewards, as an example of a successful program. What makes this program so successful is that it has a clear earning and reward structure, motivating customers to keep returning for more.

By implementing a strong loyalty program, it's possible to not only retain loyal customers but also draw in new customers who value the mutual benefits of your program.

3. iPad Point of Sale

Long gone are the days where a bulky point of sale needs to sit on your counter. Instead, sleek point of sales can make for more attractive and intuitive ordering stations. Especially for pizzerias doing a high volume of pick-up, counter space is valuable for prep or additional terminals.

“Since our restaurant has only 34 seats, I knew I needed a POS system that would be very efficient but not take up too much space. Revel’s iPad POS was the best solution for exactly that and so much more.” - Delice & Sarrasin

4. In-store Ordering Technology

Ordering technology extends into physical restaurants, offering customers innovative ways to get the perfect pizza in less time.

  • Self-Service Kiosks - Freeing up employees and enabling your customers to place their own orders, this technology is growing in popularity across the fast-casual industry.
  • Digital Menu Boards -  Have a great lunch special? Keep rotating menus up to date by deploying digital menu boards that can be set to automatically change during specific times of the day.
  • Mobile Order Takers - A streamlined method for placing tableside orders, mobile order takers are perfect for full-service pizzerias.

As technology evolves to improve the customer experience, it’s key for pizzerias to stay up to date with the options that customers crave. To learn more about Revel’s pizza solution, visit Pizza POS.