Voice Commerce: On the Customer Engagement Menu

Revel Blog | Revel | July 31, 2018 |

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Technology has become an integral part of numerous restaurants’ day-to-day operations and they continue to invest in new digital innovations every day. Nearly 85 percent of all mobile users searching for a restaurant go on to make a purchase which why a recent Kabbage survey finds that restaurants will outpace other industries’ investments in mobile technologies in 2018.

Many digital solutions focus on improving the restaurant’s operational efficiencies by making them run smoother, faster and more profitable. However, a new tech revolution is taking place with a focus on the customer experience. Designed to improve brand reputations and appeal to a younger clientele, restaurants are seeking new ways to get customers more engaged with the restaurant experience and are doing this through new-age digital communications like voice recognition technology.

Can you hear me now?

Voice is a revolutionary technology that offers convenience for the consumer and is an opportunity for restaurants to leverage the growing number of smart phones and smart speakers in the market. Moreover, voice technology has made tremendous progress and as accuracy improves from 95 to 99 percent, and will expand from limited usage to massive adoption according to Meeker’s 2018 Internet Trends Report.  Was that ‘pizza’ or ‘piece of’? The report also stated that Google’s voice recognition has already achieved over a 95% word accuracy rate, an advancement that is propelling the use of voice to drive commerce in the restaurant industry.

Frictionless ordering

Voice commerce has the ability to remove friction from the customer experience and streamline the online ordering process.  Today, consumers purchase items by clicking and navigating multiple screens, but clicks and screens will soon become a thing of the past as consumers turn to voice technology to make purchases or place orders with a simple voice query.

The natural language voice ordering process is attractive to consumers because it is as easy to use as speaking and enables transactions to be completed in less than one minute.  

voice commerce

My voice, my brand

Increasingly, consumers will expect voice ordering to be available with their favorite brands. Large chain restaurants are capitalizing on voice technology to increase mobile purchases.  For example, Domino’s Pizza launched its virtual ordering assistant in 2014 and Starbucks made a “Starbucks Reorder Skill” for Amazon Echo devices in 2017 and is in the process of beta testing a voice-ordering app.  

Is your restaurant or coffee business ready to hear about how voice recognition can bring your customers closer to your brand? For more information about how voice technology can engage customers in your business, visit Red Shift.

About Red Shift Voice Technology

Red Shift Technology (RSVT) is a Revel Systems partner that delivers voice-ordering solutions specifically designed for the restaurant industry, enabling consumers to transact online orders by speaking into their devices. RSVT’s voice-ordering user experience is available for any brand on the Revel POS System.