Making Customer Engagement a Piece of Cake

Revel Blog | Revel | June 8, 2018 |

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Walking into Over The Top Cake Supplies, you feel like you’re living out a childhood dream as your eyes take in the wall-to-wall candy and cake displays. The retail chain is a one-stop-shop for everything to do with baking, all the way from supplies down to classes, and has been spreading the love of baking around Texas since 2011.

Growing pains

As a franchisee business, Over The Top Cake Supplies was searching for ways to encourage customer loyalty and grow sales across an ever-expanding number of branches. They already had a basic loyalty program in place but felt like they had no real ways of understanding their growing number of diverse customers.

Over The Top Cake Supplies chose Revel because they were looking for a POS system that would automatically gather information about inventory and sales from multiple locations. They wanted to be able to tap into that information to learn more about their customers, and their business. They decided to leave their basic loyalty solution and look for an end-to-end customer engagement platform that would integrate with their Revel POS, so they could not only learn about each customer’s shopping preferences and run personalized campaigns, but also identify how each location was performing and analyze customer trends per location.

Trading in their paper punch cards for advanced customer engagement

Over The Top Cake Supplies turned to Como Sense to get an end-to-end solution that works inside their Revel POS to give them all the data-driven tools they need to know their customers and personalize their experience. During their switch over to Como all their data remained intact and they were able to maintain their customers’ loyalty program statuses, rewards, and history. Over The Top Cake Supplies traded their paper punch cards for an advanced digital loyalty program that gives them the ability to analyze customer behavior in real-time and send targeted, omnichannel communications.

Running segmented promotions to grow sales

The retail chain put their new capabilities to good use on a sleepy Thursday in mid-March. They decided to run an anniversary promotion in two of their locations. They used Como Sense to segment customers according to location and to promote the campaign over text messages. The results generated the second highest number of sales and buying members in 2018. Building on this success, they decided to run similar promotions across other branches too and have seen sales rise by up to 31% when running campaigns.

Learning about customers through data

Over The Top Cake Supplies wanted to get the tools to know their customers and personalize their experience. They wanted to be able to recommend products and refer to customers by first name, just like the online giants do when customers visit their sites. The Texas based chain uses data from their Como Sense solution inside their Revel POS to greet customer with a friendly first-name hello or to recommend what products a customer would be interested in, based on their purchase history.

Turning insights into business gold

As an expanding business, Over The Top Cake Supplies looks to customer analytics to determine where to open their next shop. When signing up for their loyalty program, they ask customers to provide their zip code, which is then gathered and stored in their Como Sense solution. Afterwards they review the information to decide where their next expansion should be. Determining their new location based on data means convenience for their customers and a steady stream of traffic to the new store.

Keeping their business in their customers’ pockets

The retail chain brought their customer engagement into the digital-age with the launch of the Over The Top Cake Supplies app. The app gives customers useful information about classes and lets them see all the rewards points they’ve earned. Additionally, customers can purchase items through the app, and it gives the business the tools to be in direct communication with customers, no matter where they are.

A bright future ahead

Today, business at Over The Top Cake Supplies is booming. They continuously personalize their customer experience, which has paid off in increasing average loyalty program members’ spend per visit by 7%. They look to their Revel POS and Como Sense solution to learn more about how each branch is doing and use the platform to gain insights about their customers, as well as their business.

About Como

Como brings the technology behind the online giants to hospitality chains through Como Sense, an end-to-end customer engagement platform inside their POS. With Como Sense you get a personalized loyalty program, branded mobile app, omnichannel engagement tools, data and BI, and marketing automation. Como Sense is proven to grow purchase frequency by 48%. Find out how you can start reaching your business goals with Como Sense, today.