Proposition Chicken: Building Brand Identity

Revel Blog | Revel | April 13, 2018 |

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Taking its namesake and branding from the California ballot propositions, Proposition Chicken brings chicken three ways, fried, flipped, or fake, to the people of San Francisco and Oakland. And what has become a bustling quick service restaurant is in large part thanks to their impeccable branding and attention to detail.

Building a Brand Identity

When you walk into Proposition Chicken, Maxwell Cohen, the Owner and Operator of Proposition Chicken, says that you can expect quick service, a great meal, and even a little fun! Building humor into the brand was important to their identity and important in connecting with their customers. From blanks walls with writing that says ‘This wall was intentionally left blank’ to signs in the bathroom reading ‘What’s it really like on the other side?” – Proposition Chicken is all about getting comical with the customers and showing their personality. Their personality plays a key part in elevating from good customer service to a great customer experience.

Maxwell remarks, “We really push the brand hard, all the way down to the lighting and the music.” Seamless online and in-store branding and curating a comfortable customer experience is key to building strong brand recognition. Maxwell goes on to highlight that “Lighting levels get very specific at certain times. As the sun goes down, lights go down, all to create a beautiful glow in the restaurant.” This acute attention to detail drives comfort and consistency for their diners and builds Proposition Chicken’s brand equity.

Proposition Chicken

Persistent From the Beginning

Putting this brand to the test was about how the food and the flavors would exist within the market. Maxwell said that the questions they asked themselves were things like ‘How many people out there are willing to buy your product? What’s your competition? Are you scared of your competition? Are you strengthened by your competition?’ No matter the challenge their shared motto, persistent from the beginning, kept the team focused and success driven.

Maxwell shares, “We just hammer persistence, and not giving up, finding creative ways to adjust and creative ways to bring in more sales, or creative ways to cut costs that have no effect on any of the employees.”

Proposition Chicken

A Tight Knit Family

Proposition Chicken’s staff is integral to its success. And maintaining a positive and rewarding employee experience is very important to the executive team. “We have a great culture here. It’s definitely a fun place to work. The average person has worked here for at least three and a half years, everyone knows each other very well,” said Maxwell. He stresses that respect is the biggest part of creating a tight knit family.

Managing a Growing Business

Business comes in a number of different ways. Two locations, online ordering, catering, and in-store amount to a number of different streams of revenue to manage. To keep track of a dynamic, and growing business Maxwell states that it starts with the iPd POS System. “You look at some historical data and see the trends, and this all ties into the data coming from the POS into the backend, and then leads right into our financials.”

“It really helps us manage the business and keep track of the different ways we feed people on a daily basis,” said Maxwell.