Curry Up Now's Fast Casual Takeover

Revel Blog | Revel | March 16, 2018 |

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With unique menu items like tikka masala burritos and sexy fries, it’s no surprise that Curry Up Now has drummed up a lot of attention from the Bay Area food community. Named as one of Fast Casual’s top 100, voted best Indian restaurant by San Jose Mercury News, and featured in Forbes 30 under 30, Curry Up Now is taking over the Indian Fast Casual market.

Their bold flavors and notoriety originated from humble and also, mobile beginnings.

Defining a New Experience

In 2009, it all started with one food truck and an appetite for innovation. Founder and CEO, Akash Kapoor, sought to put a spin on traditional Indian cuisine while ensuring that the dishes respected the integrity of the country’s core flavors. The founders introduced the eclectic influences of American, Mexican, and Italian flavors with traditional Indian fare to create a completely new experience for their diners.

Curry Up Now

For Curry Up Now to make its mark in Bay Area’s diverse and bustling restaurant landscape, novelty and innovation were table stakes for success.

Finding the Right Vendors

The founders’ inexperience in the food industry was a double edged sword; for everything they had to learn on the job, decisions weren’t hindered by preconceived notions. While this fostered creativity in everything from flavors and restaurant design to clever dish names – this concept needed a team of vendors and investors to actualize this dream.

Jeremiah Voris, Assistant General Manager of Curry Up Now, said “The biggest decision when running a restaurant is who to partner with, who are you gonna get your food from, your alcohol, you know, what are you gonna use for your point of sale system.”

Tackling Overhead Costs

Akash found that their two biggest expenses were food and payroll, so it was important that they had a system in place that could increase operational efficiencies and shrink shrink.

“We look at Revel a lot to see who has clocked in? How many people are scheduled for the evening shift? How did I do at lunch with labor and food costs? If you know real time what you have and don't have, tying that into sales and day of the week is a big help. We should have had so much of one thing and sold so much.”

He goes on to add, “All recipes are built according to set portion amounts so there is a lot of accountability, people wanna do the right thing. Based on the data, we can cut and add staff depending on the day of week,” said Akash.

Curry Up Now

Growing The Business

What started from one food truck in 2009 has grown to now include several food trucks and six brick-and-mortar locations throughout the Bay Area. The burgeoning fast casual segment was ripe for opportunity for Curry Up Now, and they needed a Point of Sale that would support and enable their growth. From multi-location management to customizing the diner experience, Curry Up Now needed technology that answer the demands of unique, high-volume quick service restaurant.

Curry Up Now services around 3,000 people a day between all of their locations. With such  high-volume, maintaining an impeccable customer experience presents a challenge. By equipping their fast casual concept with Self-Service Kiosks and Mobile Order Takers, Curry Up Now can empower customers to order how they want, while increasing speed of service – ensuring a seamless and quick experience for everyone.

Thanks to its partnership with Revel, the Curry Up Now team has total visibility over all of their locations. Akash says, “Having accurate data insight from our POS system is essential. On the fly, I can dig into our sales numbers, labor, food costs, product mix, and in doing that, it helps us get a bigger view of what's going on.”