Valentine’s Day Marketing Tips For Restaurants

Revel Blog | Revel | February 9, 2018 |

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and come February 14th restaurants will be teeming with smitten yuppies, couples celebrating decades of being together, and of course, groups of singles celebrating Single Awareness Day. Regardless of who is coming through your door on February 14th, restaurants are poised to cash in big; Valentine’s Day is the second busiest day in the year for restaurants and diners spend on average 63% more on their meal.

Make the most of Valentine’s Day this year with these last minute marketing tips:

Targeted Social Media Ads

The hybrid of social media as both a networking and an ad platform makes it perfect for targeted Valentine’s Day promotions. Turn your Instagram into a sales tool – by pairing your Valentine’s Day promotions with mouth-watering photos of your dishes. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow you to target your ads based off of things like location, people’s interests, and demographics – so you can ensure you are reaching the right audience.

Broaden Your Messaging

Valentine’s Day has evolved from a romantic dinner for couples to an inclusive celebration of friends, family, and more! Evolve your messaging to target those that are looking for a less traditional Valentine’s dinner e.g. Galentine’s parties, families, those looking to order to-go, happy hours, singles looking to mingle, and others!

Prix Fixe Menu

A prix fixe menu is defined as a menu that offers multiple courses of pre-selected dishes at one fixed price. Customers want to feel like they are getting the most value for what they are paying for, no matter the price point. Prix fixe menus cater to that need by being promotional in nature. Paying for a multi-course package is cheaper for the customer than if they order the same dishes on a non price fixed menu. So is a good deal for the customer beneficial to the restaurant? Yes. Prix fixe menus attract customers for its cost and lock customers into a package deal often totaling more than an average order.

Valentine's Day

Extend Your Promo

Valentine’s Day this year falls on a Wednesday, giving you the opportunity to continue traffic momentum to your restaurant by extending the Valentine’s Day promotion for the weekend before and after! Give your customers the flexibility to choose when they want to celebrate – and vary the promotions and deals to entice your customers to come back to try a new experience.  

Outdoor Signage

While the majority of diners have made reservations a week or even weeks in advance, entice the last-minute diners, happy hour goers, or the indecisive with compelling signage. Because this crowd will likely be singles, key into their wants and desires by advertising perfect pairing happy hour specials, group deals, and more. Draw attention with humor, calligraphy, nostalgia, and an attractive deal.


With a Restaurant POS Systems you can simplify your restaurant operations on the second busiest day of the year, set the mood with attractive promotions, and sweeten the deal with singles, families, and groups. See how Revel helped Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates serve 600 people on Valentine's Day!