Running Your Business On Revel: 6 APAC Customers

Revel Blog | Revel | November 27, 2017 |

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APAC Customers and Revel Systems

In 2017, point of sale shipments grew by 5.2% in the Asia/Pacific market, which shows the increasing demand for brick-and-mortar technology. And as a global POS solution, we are dedicated to transforming the way business is run, everywhere. In doing so, we understand the complexities and specifications that differs across regions, and have built a customizable solution for our APAC customers.

See how Revel has helped these six APAC customers achieve their business goals.

Customer 1: Kyochan

Kyochan - “I’ll be the first to say that Revel has helped turn our business around,” said Terry Goh the Managing Director at KyoChon Malaysia. Kyochan is a Korean restaurant that has over a thousand franchises. Effectively and efficiently scaling at this rate demanded an excellent Point of Sale system to support the specific needs of KyoChon. For Terry and his team, meeting customer expectations every single time is critical to their success, and with Revel Terrry says, “Everything is interlinked. When a customer places an order, it’s linked directly to production systems, and that makes a big difference to any business. Revel has helped me run my business with the Product Mix report. We’re able to see what’s selling and what isn’t. We can determine the optimal quantity for inventory we want to have on hand.”


Customer 2: Fat Prince

Fat Prince - This hybrid cafe, restaurant, and bar has become the spot for food, drinks, and community in Singapore. We sat down with Director of Fat Prince, Rohit Roopchand, to discuss how he operates such a dynamic business. "To open a restaurant is not easy, but the easier part. It is running a restaurant and achieving longevity that's the hardest part,” Rohit goes on to say, "to have a tool that can assist you on that day to day basis where it's like you've got no problems with capturing sales, you've got no problem with reporting, you've got no problem with understanding what those reports are trying to tell you." Rohit and his team chose Revel for the its comprehensive back-end data, allowing them to track the progress of Fat Prince.

Customer 3: SaladStop!

SaladStop! - “We are not just a food chain. We are a movement that believes it is a basic human right to truly eat well.” This quote is prominently scribed on the walls of SaladStop!, the world’s healthiest food chain in Asia. From treating their employees like family to their close relationships with their farm partners – SaladStop! Is redefining what it means to live well, and eat well. And to keep up with an ever changing menu, they sought out Revel. “I think, you know, to look at trends, and to look at seasonality, and to look at parts of our business in a lot of detail and be able to segment that information I think has helped a lot,” said Adrien Desbaillets, Managing Director of SaladStop!

Customer 4: Drinks & Co

Drinks & CoAs Chief Operating Officer, Richard Irving’s role is responsible for Drinks & Co’s growth and development. A nearly overnight success, Drinks & Co went from a small showroom shophouse on Club Street to a favourite spot for local city workers. But to maintain and scale this growth, Richard and his team sought out Revel as a solution, "...we really wanna scale this and make it much easier to count products on the shelf, keep track of stock, then we need something which is more automated and a lot more sort of user-friendly on the back-end, which is why we went to Revel."

Customer 5: Project Y

Project Y - “Revel really answers all of the questions that we have. It allows us to monitor what happens in the store on a daily basis, even from Australia or really from anywhere in the world,” said Aviv Palti Founder or Project Y. Project Y Frozen Yogurt is an Education Social Enterprise set up by the Cambodia Rural School Trust (CRST) in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Aviv and his team realized that there was a lot more which they could contribute to the community there. "When we came back to Australia, we realized that a dollar can sustain a person for three meals in Cambodia in one day, whereas a dollar in Australia would probably buy you, not even a bottle of water. So we realized the value of things." The students that they have, have not just taken the education for themselves, they've actually taken the education on for their families as well. "Those students have always had that potential, but never had the opportunity. when they come to study in the best high school in town, the best university in town, all of a sudden they get the best education from the best teachers and they can really fly.

Customer 6: Summer Social Kitchen

Summer Social Kitchen - The guys behind Social Summer Kitchen restaurant group know a thing or two about throwing a party. Alexander and his business partner first started in business together in the event industry, and realized Singapore needed a restaurant where friends could gather, share a meal, and have a drink. From that came Don Ho, an intimate restaurant, which celebrates shared dining and fresh tropical cocktail creations. Additionally, they run Loloku, a modern quick service poke restaurant. It was important for the team to glean actionable insights from these businesses. “You can actually break it down to items, so you can see, "Okay, which items were the best sellers? What sold? What didn't sell?" And then we can just like analyze it, you see the voids, you can ask, "What's wrong?" You can just like have an insight, even if you have not been into the restaurant, you can kind of see what was happening, and then like discuss with your staff by looking at the numbers.”


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