What Does Revel Advantage Mean For Your Business


What is Revel Advantage?

Revel Advantage is our in-house payments solution that provides significant benefits to our customer base. Revel Advantage provides better payments reporting, the highest standard for payment data security, a competitive rate, and the benefits of the service and support from a single vendor.

How secure is Revel Advantage?

Your sensitive business and customer data is protected with the highest level of PCI-compliant cloud technology, Point-to-Point Encrypted payments, and rich user access controls. You can have the peace of mind that with Revel every transaction is secure.

How does Revel Advantage rates compare to competitors?

Revel Advantage pricing has been specifically structured to ensure the lowest processing costs on every type of transaction: swiped, keyed, rewards, and debit cards. You can benefit from some of the lowest rates and fees in the industry so your money stays with you – not in processing fees. The Revel Advantage team is dedicated to finding your business the best rates.

How does this work with the Revel POS?

Revel Advantage bundles integrated payments with the Revel POS platform ensuring fast and secure payment processing, favorable payment rates and the service and support benefits of a single vendor.

What types of payments can Revel Advantage process?

Never miss a sale by accepting multiple payment types in-store and online. The EMV-ready solution works with ApplePay, NFC (tap and go) payments, credit cards, Dynamic Currency Conversion (for international cards), debit, and more. We have got you covered for every type of transaction and card!

What are the benefits of a wholly integrated Revel platform and services?

Your payment processing is wholly integrated into Revel’s platform and services to create a complete system that helps you save time and money. With the Revel Advantage solution, you receive a rapid response to your Revel Advantage application, start accepting payments quickly and easily, and rely on a single vendor for all service and support.




Revel Advantage is the payment processing solution that seamlessly integrates into your Revel Point of Sale and platform to create a complete system, tailored to your business needs. Interested in Revel Advantage? Learn more here.