How Your Business Can Help Hurricane Victims

Revel Blog | Revel | September 6, 2017 |

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Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma have caused massive devastation. Those who have been effected in Texas and the Caribbean have had their lives turned upside down. The government has called for a state of emergency in Puerto Rico Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina, as Hurricane Irma, a category 5, is expected to hit landfall this week.

The restoration will take years, and it will be incredibly costly to individuals, businesses, and the government. While the damage has yet to be fully assessed, in Texas alone the governor estimates that the catastrophic flooding has caused up to $180 Billion in damages. As Texas and other parts of the world face devastations, Revel empowers every business to be a pillar of its community by making it simple for your customers to donate in times of crisis.

Revel’s quick donation feature allows your customers to easily donate their change or preset dollar amounts to their order. 

The first step is to activate ‘Enable Quick Donation’ – here, you can enable Change, Default Amount, and Free Donation.

Screenshot 2017-09-06 13.31.05

Once ‘Quick Donation’ is enabled you can select ‘Donate’ in the order screen.

Screenshot 2017-09-06 13.37.42

And then, you will be prompted with pre-set donation amounts (eg. $5, $10, $50). In moments of crises donations of all sizes matter, and for those unable to give much you can enable the ‘Change’ feature on Revel Systems. If  ‘Change’ button is selected, the donation item will be the amount of change between the Total and the next highest dollar amount added to the order. In this example, the total was $12.94 so the change donation was $0.06 to even it out to $13.00.

Another option is ‘Other,’ and once selected, an ‘Enter Amount’ popup will appear with an input window that allows the consumer to input an amount of donation they feel comfortable with giving.

Screenshot 2017-09-06 13.48.12

Please note, the donation that added to the order it is *untaxed* item. No any taxes shall apply to donation and it should be reflected in all reports on the backend → Tax, Sales Summary, Order History, etc.

Read the full Support Guide to get your business up and running with donations. Together, we can rebuild Houston, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina.


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