We Revel In Your Success

As Revel continues to grow, we realized that it was the perfect time to take a step back to think about who we are as a company—both internally and externally. As a result, it became evident that we had an incredible opportunity to align our brand even more closely to our company mission. To best explain what this means to our customers, we sat down with our Director of Marketing, Jennifer Levanduski. 

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Coming from a background in product marketing and brand management, Jennifer’s marketing strategy is built for the customer—driven by data and cross-functional collaboration. Armed with rich experience and an enthusiastic team, she excitedly embraced her first challenge at Revel.

What is the reason behind the brand refresh?

Over the last few years, Revel has seen tremendous growth – in our company, our product, and our customers. We want our external messaging to be in sync with these advancements.

“Revel Up Your Dream” will stand as an important part of our history, and we will always continue to power the dreams of our entrepreneur customers. But as we’ve seen these dreams realized, and the range of our customers expand from micro-merchants and small business to franchises and national chains – we wanted our external messaging to reflect this success. So we’re introducing the new tagline “Revel In Your Success.” Across verticals, regions, and size of business, “Revel In Your Success” should resonate with every single one of our customers.

What does “Revel In Your Success” mean?

The success of our customers is deeply ingrained within Revel’s culture. Hearing the triumphs of our customers, from exceeding a quarterly sales goals to opening a 10th location, is our motivation to work harder and deliver more value to our customers’ businesses. At Revel, customer service is synonymous with helping our customers grow and thrive.

“Revel In Your Success” is designed to be interchangeable. “Success,” means different things to different businesses and we want our tagline to reflect that. Whether it’s increasing sales, optimizing efficiency, or attracting new customers – Revel is powering those goals, for you to ultimately achieve your greatest success.

What is the mission statement of the company? Why is this important to our customers?  

"Revel seeks to disrupt and modernize the state of commerce by providing businesses of every size the tools necessary to thrive."

As a marketer, the part of the mission statement I’m most inspired by is our dedication to “providing businesses of every size the tools necessary to thrive.” This is based on the fact that every business is unique—from goals and metrics to customer bases and goods sold. Our mission is to empower your business down to a granular level, by designing the most customized and scalable solution on the market.

What are the thoughts behind the look of the tagline?

Revel has a strong visual identity - with Revel Blue and the segmented arrow. When looking to refresh our tagline we wanted to play with and iterate on these strong visual elements. The Revel logo, the upward facing arrow projects increase and growth. In the new tagline, we’ve repositioned the arrow to reflect our customers’ drive forward and ongoing trajectory.

How does Revel differentiate itself from its competitors?

Customer centricity. Whether it’s engineering, operations, sales, or support teams, we’ve built a cross channel customer-first culture. And with this in mind, we didn’t open our doors to be another “me too” provider, – but instead wanted to give our customers a robust business platform, packed with features that allow both customization and scalability.

Does this mean Revel is changing the direction of the company?

No. We are doubling down on what we’ve done best and tightening our external messaging to best reflect what Revel offers. When Revel began, we entered the market with the goal of providing a next generation Point of Sale, but along the way, after developing a number of rich tools for a variety of business types, we realized that we created something beyond just a POS, and it was important for our messaging to truly reflect the value of the robust platform designed to help businesses grow.

What do you hope Revel will be known for?

Through the marketing lens, I hope to see Revel known for having a strong brand identity and an empowered base of customer advocates. Above that, I want to be known for enabling the success of each of our customers.

Any other company/product announcements?

Yes! To coincide with our enhanced messaging and look, we’re excited to announce our two new Revel stands, the Revel L Stand and Revel C Stand, each of which makes hardware setup easy and adds counter appeal” for our customers. Also, we’ve launched a way for our customers to shape their business-solution network and earn extra cash with our Promoter Program. Last but not least, registration has opened for Revelry 2017, a two-day workshop and way to network with professionals in your industry.