Uniforms by Logo Express: Championing The Success Of Its Community

Uniforms by Logo Express (ULE) is a small, local business that has found a niche way to make a significant difference. Specializing in school uniforms, work attire, and branding, ULE has dedicated itself to serving the needs of the greater New Orleans area.  

I had the pleasure of chatting with David Mi, Managing Partner of Operations at ULE, to discuss ULE’s mission and how they have established themselves as leaders in community advocacy.

Learnings from David

David was introduced to ULE by an old college friend Ricky Sadhwani, the founder of ULE. Coming from a background of taking care of others, David saw it as an opportunity to couple his passion with his interest in entrepreneurship, “It was a good platform for my personal goals—to grow and expand a business.”   

Location, Location...

With the help of David’s natural business acumen, ULE has streamlined operations at three geographically dispersed locations, two based in New Orleans proper and one just outside. David explains how their location is meaningful to their mission. “Our business predominately serves charter schools, and those schools predominantly serve the underserved community.” Understanding their implication as a business in this community, ULE took action by deploying a voucher program for incoming students. And to ensure its integrity they reached out to social workers in the local area for council. ULE was then able to identify those in need and offer coupons with unique barcodes, that can easily be redeemed by parents.

Voucher Program Learnings

The voucher program was not always met with such success, however. When they started David recalled, “At first we were hand cutting paper stubs, and we had to sign each one individually and request that when someone came to redeem it, they too sign the piece of paper. No surprise, this was hugely inefficient, costing us time and money.” David went on to say, “Things quickly turned a corner once ULE partnered with Revel. Digitally, we can now verify the validity of the voucher and the reconciliation process is done immediately.”

Uniforms by Logo ExpressThe voucher program has become New Orleans’ main recourse for school children's access to affordable uniforms. When a child enrolls into a new school, David explains that “ULE uses a voucher program as an incentive for incoming children to attend the charter school, knowing that access to school uniforms will boost student morale and help schools recruit the underserved population.”

A Pivotal Moment

David said that the pivotal point for ULE was six months ago. It was then that they solidified a firm foundation – selling more goods, servicing more students in need, and securing their position as the largest uniform provider in the city. “Revel was a key driver of this success. We were able to mitigate our bottleneck issues, and offer seamless service across our three establishments.”

Purpose Driven

Driven by purpose, Uniforms by Logo Express recognizes that the success of business is intrinsically tied to the strength of its community. “We see ourselves as a pillar of the community. Customers should be the heartbeat of your business, and here at ULE we’ve run our business prioritizing this initiative.” When looking into the future, David hopes to see ULE’s continued success. More importantly, David hopes to see a stronger, more unified New Orleans as businesses more and more are becoming a champion of community.

Uniforms by Logo Express