Takeaways From Our 2017 Revel Roadshow NYC

Last week, Revel kicked off its very first Revel Roadshow in New York City! This 2017 initiative, designed for our customers, is taking Revel on the road. The main objective is to empower our customers and teach them how to get the most out of their Point of Sale platform. Arming businesses for success, Revel discussed current and upcoming product functionalities and lead workshops and breakout sessions.

Revel Roadmap

Starting with a deep dive into 2016, our product manager discussed this year’s latest updates including Revel Insights and RevelGuard, along with the best of 2016 features. Future proof your business, and prepare for newer, and more intelligent technology as we featured the Revel roadmap of 2017.

All About The Customers

To help you amplify your business and stand out from your competitors, Revel instructed hands-on training and breakout sessions. Instructors facilitated open-forum discussion in groups, divided by verticals, to personalize the training. Customers could get one-on-one time with representatives and the product as well as customers in their vertical.

We know that the best feedback comes from our power users, you. We set out to address your common business pain points with features our customers love.

Revel Roadshow

Driving Revenue Through Revel

A common customer concern is whether they are getting the most out of Revel. Given the platform’s robust functionality, we talked about how to optimize your POS and leverage commonly forgotten functions to drive greater revenue for business. Our product is built to grow with your business, and as you expand locations, move your practices, or go global, Revel has a ton of add-ons to support your growth.  

Inventory is the commerce achilles heel. In an effort to continuously shrink shrink, we overviewed Revel’s inventory capabilities. We also addressed Revel’s latest inventory updates with the 2.22 release, which features physical counts, inventory updates through API, “reorder to PAR” functionality, and Product Life Cycle tool.

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And of course, we ended the day with a happy hour! Interested in joining us for our next Roadshow? Check out our Events page to see what city is next for the Revel Roadshow.