Apple Announces Revel as its Leading iPad POS Partner

Revel Blog | christabelreal | November 2, 2016 |

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In case you missed Apple's fourth quarter earnings call, Revel Systems was specifically recognized as not just a leader in the iPad Point of Sale market, but as a prime example of the ways that companies are expanding Apple’s deployment into the enterprise solution market. Of course, we’re beyond thrilled for the public acknowledgement of our successes by the global tech giant, but this recognition is bound to have a profound impact far beyond just our company.

Apple’s mention of Revel has deep implications throughout the market. It shows inherent trust in Revel’s Point of Sale platform. As more and more global enterprise clients evaluate next generation POS options, having Apple’s sign-off is a clear signal to enterprise businesses across the globe that Revel is doing right by the one of the most trusted brands ever.

As Revel has the chance to work alongside more enterprise clients from numerous verticals—including our expanding partnership with companies like Focus Brands and Royal Dutch Shell, our team is given the incredible opportunity to ensure that continuous learning here never stops.

Every new client that we get to onboard, regardless of size, has unique needs, and so many times, there’s this “aha” moment. Sometimes, we get to give that moment to the client by showing them how to solve a problem that they’ve struggled with. Other times, we learn how we can calibrate a feature to make the user experience that much better for all of our clients.

As Revel continues to expand into the enterprise market, though, it’s important to note how every lesson we learn and every new client we onboard is good for all Revel clients. Every new enterprise client means more revenue toward our bottom line, which means that Revel can continue to hire more engineers. With the addition of more staff, we can continue to address the needs of all of our clients quickly and continuously improve our system to the benefit of all.

Apple has been a global leader in personal tech innovation, including the introduction of the iPad. Revel Systems is proud to take that innovation and build on it to expand beyond personal tech and transform the world of commerce.

The future will require every successful business to leverage an omni-channel strategy, and Revel is proud to lead the way in tackling the challenges ahead by making business owners’ and operators’ lives easier and more efficient—spurring entrepreneurship across the world.

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