Revel POS 101: Role and Administrator Permissions Keep Your Business Secure

Security is a critical component to operating a stable business. Merchants must be cautious when making decisions on which POS hardware and software to utilize in their establishments. This includes how software allows business owners and operators to manage employee roles and access to the POS.

With Revel’s Role and Administrator Permissions, business owners and operators are able to easily create unique, customized permission sets and define levels of access based on employee roles.

Through the Revel Management Console, users are able to create employee roles with custom defined permissions to match the level of access required for all employees. Permissions can be assigned individually from a comprehensive list of POS system functionalities. This allows you to provide more comprehensive access to manager and supervisor roles, such as accessing tills, applying discounts, and price overrides.

The Role Permissions feature also allows you to create multiple roles giving you the ability to provide certain employees POS capabilities. That way, an individual employee can have the ability to complete transactions as well as deliver orders.


Revel allows users to create permission sets for Management Console access as well. Like Role Permissions, Administrator Permissions allow you to control access to most the appropriate sections of the Management Console. Users can then view certain areas of the management console while hiding others.

The scheduling manager can be restricted to the Schedules tab allowing them to view designated shifts and complete payroll, while the accounting manager might only need access to certain reports under the Reports tab. This provides you with the ability to control who is able to view sensitive business information.

The ability to set designated permissions for each employee role eliminates some of the most significant internal threats. With more security, you’re able to maintain operational processes and ensure that your business continues to thrive.

To learn more about the different Role and Administrative Permissions, check out these support articles on our website.

Contributed by Danika Peterson, Revel Systems Sales Engineer.