Revel POS 101: Hassle Free House Accounts

Operating a successful business is more than managing the front of house and speaking with customers. Behind the scenes, there’s inventory management, scheduling, and most importantly, accounting. Maintaining an organized accounting system is the key to staying on top of finances. When utilizing house accounts with customers, it’s crucial to know what money is owed and when payments are made.

Allowing qualified customers or vendors to open house accounts establishes trust. This can assist in developing a better relationship with your customers and providing them a benefit they may not receive at other businesses. In Revel’s recent 2.19 build, house accounts have been redesigned to make organizing unpaid accounts and logging payments effortless.

Now individual customer entries in the CRM can be identified as a “house account.” This setting gives you the option to open a line of credit to specific clients, allowing you to set maximum spending limits. By providing you the ability to increase or decrease limits, you’re able to choose how much you can afford in liabilities.

As your customers begin accruing open balances, you can view detailed information through the Revel management console using the new House Account Summary Report. With this report you’re provided a detailed summary of current open balances, payments, charges, and adjustments. Additional functions allow you to easily log received payments and email statements to customers. Rather than click between several different reports on the management console, the House Account Summary provides you to efficiently manage and organize account information in a single report.


On the POS, users are now able to view house account orders on the POS and allow customers to make payments against open balances. Under a customer’s entry on the POS, a ‘house account’ option opens a list of that customer’s unpaid transactions. Employees can then view what’s owed and accept cash or credit card payments for those order. This provides customers a convenient option to settle existing balances and allows you to accept payment directly on the POS.

With the updates to House Accounts feature, you’re now able to organize, edit, and settle accounts all in one system.

To learn more about House Accounts and many other new features, check out our 2.19 release notes here.

Contributed by Danika Peterson, Revel Systems Sales Engineer