What to Expect at Revel’s First Hackathon

Revel Blog | christabelreal | August 9, 2016 |

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Revel is hosting it’s very first hackathon! We’re excited for everyone to join us on this quest. Don’t worry if you’ve never been a part of one. Considering that 30% of hackathon attendees are typically first timers, chances are you won’t be alone.

Our Hackathon will kick off at 6pm sharp on September 8th and wraps at 3:30pm September 9th. If you’re a night owl or just wanna shake things up with an all-nighter, this is a prime opportunity to do so! (Don’t worry, staying all night isn’t mandatory. We know plenty of people who rely on their beauty sleep.)

A hackathon is an event that has specific timed parameters during which teams collaborate and compete to problem solve opportunities around computer programming functions. In other words, groups work together to identify areas within software that can work better to meet the demands of its users.

Who Hacks?
If you are not a developer, programmer, or engineer, you can absolutely still succeed at a hackathon. Revel is also looking for idea generators and designers to participate and join teams battling to win one of three available prizes totaling $10,000!

According to VentureBeat, hackathon attendees are likely to attend for these reasons:

- 85% attend to learn
- 81% attend to network
- 38% attend to change the world (no joke!)
- A mere 28% attend to win the prize

Who’s Team to Be On?
The night kicks off with project idea pitches. You can either come prepared with ideas or find inspiration in someone else’s pitch.

Some people come with a group already formed, but as mentioned before, one of the greatest draws of hackathons is to meet new people and learn new things. Take advantage of the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone. Time is limited though, so rely on your strengths.

If you have trouble finding a team, let us know and we can help you find someone to work with. Everyone is here to help you have a good time. Flying solo is also welcome, if you feel capable of working alone.

While there is sure to be no shortage of great ideas, plan to tackle the one you feel most intrigued by—and passionate about—as you’ll need to align yourself with just one project.

Pressed for Time
Take time to create a plan and distribute team member responsibilities before building begins. More often than not, the person who’s idea is being developed will become the team lead. Since time is limited, we’ll be checking in with teams throughout the night to make sure they’re on track and provide guidance if they start to feel stuck or stressed. Starting off with a strong game plan in the beginning can make the rest of your time go smoother.

Don’t be afraid to find a quiet nook, or put your headphones in, but check in with your team often to make sure everyone’s work is heading in a unified direction. Don’t wait until the last minute to start connecting pieces together.

Show and Tell
Demos are what you’ll be judged on, so take the time to plan and practice your presentation. Be sure to demonstrate all of the judging criteria, which for Revel’s hackathon are: Innovation, Execution, Use of Revel API, Use of Partner API.

Have Fun
Most importantly, have fun! Enjoy some free food, meet new people, and learn new things. We dare say that this won’t be your last hackathon. Be sure to get plenty of sleep before the event if you plan to work through the entire night. (Some people do, but this is by no means a requirement!) Don’t forget to give yourself time to recover afterwards, all-nighters can be stressful on the body.

We can’t wait to see the awesome outcomes from our first Hackathon! Think you're up for the challenge? Register for the event here!

See you there!