5 Big Reasons Why You Can’t Miss Revelry 2016

Have you ever wondered what other merchants are doing that’s driving their success? Ever wanted to rub shoulders with industry leaders and pick their brains? Ever wanted to attend a conference that got at the heart of small business pain points to help you ease some of that pain?

Revelry 2016 is the event for you. Organized by Revel Systems in the beautiful city of San Francisco, Revelry brings together hundreds of Revel customers, partners, and Revel employees for two days filled with educational, inspiring, and fun activities.

Meet Revel Experts and Maximize Your POS Investment

Anxious to accelerate your business in 2017? Curious how your POS will continue to integrate into your business and support your business’ growth? We know you’re going 150 miles an hour trying to run your business. That’s why this two day event is made to not only help you learn about the latest and great features of your POS, but get insight as a merchant to help you achieve your goals. Take a couple of days to escape your daily routine and meet with industry leaders and experts. You’ll get your burning questions answered and learn how your Revel Point of Sale can help you grow your business.

Discover Revel Partners and Experience the Power of our Platform
Revel partners with multiple companies to deliver a powerful platform to merchants globally. Our system goes beyond the Point of Sale and through meaningful partnerships has morphed into a business management solution. Revelry 2016 is the perfect venue to meet our partners, learn about their solutions, and find out how it can benefit your business when implemented alongside the Revel Point of Sale.

Get Inspired by Other Revel Customers
There is nothing more powerful than hearing from someone who knows what it’s like to run a business day in and day out. That’s why we’ve planned some very exciting and inspiring sessions with some of our customers. At Revelry, find out how the world famous Cinnabon has made an incredible brand shift by investing in modern technology for its bakeries across the US. You’ll also learn how Buzzy Sklar, owner of Sliderz, is turning his local quick service restaurant that’s serving up delicious sliders into a national brand. You won’t want to miss the opportunity meet with these and many other successful entrepreneurs and build up your own network to exchange thoughts, ideas, and best practices with.

Visit Revel’s Office and Mingle with Revelers During Our Happy Hour
We’re making it personal! Get a chance to see where everything is made, who’s behind your Point of Sale, and what it’s like to work at Revel. We’ve organized an unforgettably fun Happy Hour at our headquarters just for you! You’ll get to meet our employees—put a face to that name you’ve spoken to or exchanged an email with. Take the stress out of networking and share drinks and appetizers with other Revelry guests. Do all of this while marveling at the iconic backdrop of San Francisco with the incredible view of the city and bay from our amazing deck.

Dance the Night Away
We’ll close Revelry 2016 with a party to remember at the San Francisco Design Center! A night of celebration, music, drinks, food, and fun, this is the perfect occasion to take a step away from managing your business, unwind, and Revel Up Your Dream for one incredible night with us!

You’re sure to return home to your business refreshed and renewed—ready to take on any challenge that you face as you charge head first into the holiday season and the new year!

Don’t miss this once yearly opportunity. Come join us for two days of learning, sharing, and festivities in the heart of San Francisco. We can’t wait to see you!

Contributed by Marylise Tauzia, Senior Director of Marketing