Appointment Scheduling Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

In an effort to become more accessible and meet the demands of their customers, many businesses are allowing customers to make appointments to come in for goods and services. While this model is familiar to spas, salons, and restaurants in the form of reservations, retailers and other businesses are starting to see the advantages of scheduling appointments for customers.

Why You Need an Appointment Calendar
Despite our ability to streamline many of our daily tasks, people manage to be busier than ever. Enabling your customers to schedule a time to come in that’s convenient, and designate the service needed allows your business to operate in the best interest of both parties and is a sure way to create repeat business. Revel’s Point of Sale makes it easy to book and oversee appointments for your clients and customers. With Appointment Scheduling you can manage and schedule by individual employee or service station to prevent any last minute mix-ups.

Master Control and Customizable Services
Since every employee’s schedule is located in one place, everyone can share and view appointments by date range and individual staffer. Employees are also linkable to services provided so you always have the best match of staffer to customer. Revel’s Point of Sale also provides the ability to specify and adjust custom pricing, calculate commissions and schedule the duration of the service provided.

Time Blocking Makes Scheduling a Breeze
Every employer understands the importance and legal requirements of scheduling your employee’s breaks and lunch times. Violations of these requirements can add needless expenses to your bottom line. Revel’s Point of Sale allows you to easily manage your employees' breaks, lunches, and even vacations so your staff is working when they should be and taking their scheduled breaks and lunches in accordance to the law.

Email and Text Confirmations
Phone calls have become a less effective method of appointment confirmation. The rise of smart phones has rapidly changed our relationships with the telephone. More often than not, people are less inclined to answer a call from numbers they do not readily recognize. When appointments are made with Revel's Point of Sale, your clients are notified via email or text, so that they can easily save it to their calendar. Automation conveniences your customer and reduces labor hours spent making confirmation calls. The result is fewer last minute cancellations and maximized labor, so that you're scheduling to your needs.

Revel Provides Full Point of Sale Solutions
The scheduling function is an overlay capability that integrates seamlessly with other key features of Revel’s Point of Sale system. When combined with Intelligent Reporting, Inventory Management and Employee Log-in, you’ve got an all in one solution to managing your business from top to bottom at a fraction of the time you’re used to. Take a test drive and start simplifying the appointment scheduling process with a live demo. See for yourself just how easy it is for Revel to design a system designed with your individual business in mind.