Revel POS 101: Establishment Hierarchy Tree

Whether you’re a multi-unit chain, managed franchise, or a store operator simply looking to open that second location, you understand the value of organization and efficiency. Luckily, at Revel, so do we.

In our recent 2.16 release, we’ve made managing multiple locations easy. Our new Establishment Hierarchy Tree allows users to group multiple establishments by “divisions” (formerly “brands”) and create custom groups to organize establishments across multiple divisions.
Establishment Tree


Additionally, using Revel’s robust Enterprise Management System (EMS), users can quickly manage employees, products, settings and reports within a single view.

To learn more about the features and functionality of our newly updated Establishment Hierarchy Tree, head to our Support Knowledge Base or take a look at our 2.16 release notes.

If you aren’t using Revel iPad POS, but you could use some help organizing your business with your POS, get a quote here!

Contributed by Nick Barber, Revel Systems Lead Sales Engineer