4 Ways to Make Your Employees Happy and Boost Productivity

Are your employees happy? The happier the employee, the higher the productivity. Studies show that more than 70% of workers are disengaged at work and disengaged workers are costing the U.S. $450-550 billion each year in productivity. Don’t let your employees and business suffer and start boosting employee happiness and productivity! Check out 4 ways to help do both:

1. Spice things up with fun technology
It’s a win-win. With cool and advanced technology, your business is more efficient and employees have more fun! If you’re in the foodservice industry, ditch the paper menus and consider digital menu boards. You and your employees can have fun with the design and customers can engage with large, dynamic displays. Or what about your Point of Sale system? No employee wants to work with a dated legacy system that lags and is inconsistent. Upgrade to sleek iPad Point of Sale systems that are faster, smarter, and equipped with more tools to make day-to-day work easy and fun.

2. Clean up the way you approach employee management
It’s important for both managers and employees to have organized employee management. When managing multiple employees, try to simplify processes. Employee scheduling can be a hassle and require constant changes - select the right tools to help manage numerous employee schedules and have them clearly communicated to each employee. By doing so, employees can be stress-free when it comes to knowing their hours and time off.

3. Build trust and be transparent
Fostering good communication and trust is vital to ensuring employee happiness. Give employees more responsibility and tasks that encourage career development. You’re there to help them grow and in return, your business will grow. Communicate clearly and ask for feedback on how you can improve as well. Show that you care and want to build a stronger work relationship; good relationships are key to improve retention rates and employee satisfaction.

4. Recognize good work
Everyone wants to feel their hard work is appreciated. Recognize and reward employees for their good work. Whether it’s a shoutout for their achievements or gift-giving as a thanks, a little goes a long way. Make an effort to ensure you value your employees by encouraging a good work/life balance and strong employee recognition.