5 Perks of Running Your Business on an iPad POS System

According to Forbes, iPads are replacing the traditional cash register, and retailers who have not done so yet are certainly thinking about installing and implementing a new iPad Point of Sale. If you have yet to make the switch, you may wonder how the change can benefit you. Find out where the future of retailing lies—here are 5 perks of running your business on an iPad POS:

1. Speed. The average business touches hundreds of people each day. With an iPad POS, serving those customers quickly and accurately is the norm. This is tantamount to customer satisfaction. According to Peri Kuklin of Lavi Industries, customers become frustrated after 2.5 minutes if there is no progress in a checkout line, and one-third will abandon it when they are forced to wait for over 5 minutes. Don’t lose customers! Businesses that switch to the Revel Systems iPad POS report sales increases of more than 20% from the get-go.

2. Convenience. Training employees can take an entire day on a Legacy Point of Sale system. iPad POS systems are designed to increase efficiency with an easy-to-use, simple layout. With Revel Systems, new employees are ready to serve customers in as little as half an hour.

3. Flexibility. Upgrading to a mobile checkout system is just the baseline. An iPad POS streamlines the entire process of running a business. This is convenient for customers and owners alike. Revel’s iPad POS solution enables customers to order ahead, order in seat, and even pre-pay for their parking, while owners can access the back end from any computer or mobile phone. Gone are the days of being locked down to a back office server.

4. Savings.There are many ways to cut costs with an iPad POS.With Revel’s software upgrades, Gregoire Restaurant stays ahead of the curve and saves up to $700 per month, per location, on software fees alone, and Revel’s flexible payment feature easily saves clients like Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates $1,000 a month. And that’s just the beginning.

5. Power. What happens when the system goes down? Many companies face a significant drop in transactions as they are forced to switch to manual mode. Revel Systems is the only iPad POS that’s Always On, so you don’t lose money. Our offline mode operates at the speed of a local server, unlike other systems that have to sync to the cloud constantly.

Switch to a Point of Sale solution that can grow with your company. With a Revel iPad POS, expansion is painless. Our system can be set up quickly and your management console can be replicated at every location. Schedule a live demo to find out how Revel Systems can work for you.