Chobani SoHo’s Rise with Revel’s iPad Point of Sale

Since founding Chobani in 2002, CEO Hamdi Ulukaya has built nothing short of a yogurt empire. In 2012, he expanded upon the popular brand by opening the flagship café, Chobani SoHo, in New York City. While the physical location was on point with hot drinks, Mediterranean-inspired sandwiches, and of course, a variety of fresh yogurt, its weakness was a less-than-perfect Point of Sale System (POS).

Ulukaya and his team put their heads together and spent a whole year researching before switching to the Revel Systems iPad POS, which helped give Chobani SoHo the cutting edge it needed, assisting in increasing sales by 40 percent year over date. Read the Chobani testimonial to find out exactly how Chobani has benefited from the Revel platform, and how your company, too, can experience advantageous results.

Speed: In the bustling SoHo neighborhood, up to 700 people flock to Chobani SoHo’s doors per day, especially in the warmer seasons. Read the testimonial to find out which of Revel’s features help Chobani SoHo meet high-volume demand, cutting their average wait time in half to two to three minutes.

IT cost savings: Chobani SoHo has greatly reduced their need for IT support. Revel iPad POS System provides instantaneous reports that used to take a company employee one week to collect. “The software gives us the flexibility to make changes and updates to the system without going through the high integration needs that most companies have to do with a complicated system,” Business Optimization Manager, Natasha Palit, shares.

Better inventory tracking: Product variety and freshness are tantamount to Chobani SoHo’s success. The café is constantly changing the menu with new and different ingredients. Revel’s inventory management guarantees the ability to order the right levels at the right time, saving money and helping the company become more efficient at working with multiple vendors.

Flexibility: Using Revel POS system, the Chobani team believes any business can grow from one store to a hundred stores. The platform enabled Chobani to start with the basics and turn on different features as needed, unlike more cumbersome systems, where everything must be on, making change a long and traumatic process.

“There is no doubt Revel will be able to grow with us as our business grows,” Palit says. Chobani plans to open more stores throughout the US with the help of Revel Systems technology.

How has Revel saved Chobani SoHo up to 10 percent a day in losses? Read the Chobani testimonial to find out.