Tech Tip Friday – Test Mode

Practice Makes Perfect in Test Mode

Did you know that the Revel iPad POS system has a training mode or “Test Mode” to make it easier to complete functions like training new employees, or even training yourself and brushing up on things you are not familiar with within the POS system? This is a safe environment where you can complete tests and practice transactions, and not have to worry about the transactions saving, showing up on reports, etc. Once Test Mode is disabled, most activity becomes invalid. We must warn you however, that credit card transactions are not exempt from this. We strongly advise against using a credit card as a payment method while in Test Mode. Credit card transactions will still either be processed or refunded, so this is the main reason to avoid them in this special mode. If your business is a restaurant, while in Test Mode you can also enable “Kitchen Print” to have test orders printed or sent to the kitchen as well.

To enable Test Mode on your iPad POS platform, log in and tap on the gear icon on the top left of the screen to enter settings. Once in settings, tap on Manager, and then select POS Settings. Under the “Training Mode” subheading you will find “Enable Test Mode.” Turn on this option to enable it, and you are ready to go!



When Test Mode is enabled, you will see a message flash red at the top of the screen to confirm it has been turned on. That is all you have to do; it is very simple. Not only can you use it for training a new employee, but you can use it to test new products that have been recently added to your inventory, train new kitchen staff, or train existing kitchen staff on new menu items. The ways you can use the Test Mode are limitless, so make it work for you!

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