Revel POS 101: Troubleshooting Your iPad

Revel Blog | Revel | March 4, 2016 |

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Tech Tip: Troubleshooting Your iPad

Leap Day has now passed along with the month of February, and it is time for another Tech Tip on this first Friday in March. For this Tech Tip, we are going to the roots or foundation of the iPad POS, the iPad itself. A lot of times when you are having issues with your iPad POS, the issues can be remedied by a force shutdown of the iPad or force quit of the Revel application. Once you complete one of or both of these processes, most of the time you will have corrected the issue on your own and you will be surprised how simple it actually is to go about troubleshooting your iPad.

The first way to attempt to correct an issue you are experiencing with the Revel iPad POS app is to force quit the application. Force quitting an application on an iPad completely closes out the application allowing it to essentially restart once it has been reopened. If the app seems a bit glitchy, a lot of times force quitting and reopening the app is all it takes to address or correct it. So let’s show you how to force quit the Revel iPad POS application:

First, you are going to double tap the iPad home button.

double tap home


When you double tap the home button, the Revel iPad POS application will minimize and zoom out from a full screen mode.

zoom out of full

Finally, to force quit the application, you simply swipe up on the application to complete the force quit.

swipe up

That is it. Once the application is force closed, you can select the application again and reopen it. You can log back in again, and see if the issue has resolved itself.

The second way you can attempt to correct an issue you may be having with the iPad POS is to force shut down the iPad itself. This is also a very simple procedure, and can be done by simply holding the home button down and the lock button down simultaneously. You will continue to hold them down until the screen goes black. You can release the buttons once the Apple logo reappears on the screen.

powering down


Both of these tips may not resolve every issue you may be experiencing, but they are excellent places to start. Sometimes only one may be necessary, and sometimes you may need to do both together.

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