Revel POS 101: Setting Up Donations

Deep Dive into Donations

Do you or your business support a great cause or charity that you are really passionate about? A lot of times your customers share the same passion about the charities or causes that you are donating to, and they would love the option to be able to donate with you to the same cause. Your Revel Systems iPad POS can enable an option so that your customers can also donate when processing payments during a transaction. It's a really simple and easy option to enable, and it gives your customers multiple ways to be able to donate. Let's get started.

quick donationThe option that you are enabling is called Quick Donation. The Quick Donation feature allows your customers to easily donate their change or preset dollar amounts to the order. There are three defined donation options under Quick Donation, and they are change, default change, and free donation. Change allows the customer to create a donation that is the amount from their total to the next highest dollar amount. It's basically just a round up option. Default change allows you to set 3 comma separated numerical amounts to have as default donation amounts the customer can choose from (i.e. 5,10,15). Lastly free donation allows the customer to manually input whatever amount they choose to donate during that transaction. The Quick Donation option can be found under Settings > Advanced Settings > Quick Donation on your iPad POS. The Enable Quick Donation box must be checked in order for Quick Donation to be activated.

When adding items to the order, you now have the option to select Donate. This will produce a pop up window which will have the options you enabled, and can prompt your employee to inquire with the customer about the donation.donate button


select donation 2

Remember that donations that are added to the order are untaxed items. No taxes will be applied to the donations, and for reporting purposes they should be reflected in all reports on the backend. There are more specific instructions for each specific category, and you can follow this link to our full support article on the topic.

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