Hear Your Staff Use the Phrase “Fun at Work!”

Building Fun into your Business

Staff who stay with you are either happy or desperate, so we’ll assume you want yours to be the first kind. What would they say if they were asked why they are staying?

They like the work? The pay is good? They get on with each other and their managers? That’s all great.

But, would they say it’s fun at work? Is there something about your place that will always make them think twice about moving on, because even if somewhere else offers better pay or conditions, it’s not so much fun?

You can Google all day on how to make work more fun for your staff, so that bit’s over to you – and speaking of Google we’ve all seen reports of the Googleplex, Google’s HQ with comfortable furnishings and rooftop terraces and swimming pools and free laundry rooms.

Which is great if Google is who you are, but most businesses can’t afford to build their own bespoke employee playground. You’re leasing maybe a modern mall unit, or a high street shop, but either way it’s essentially built for commerce, not pleasure. Options for transforming the environment are limited.

But there is one thing you can do, in your existing premises and with your present budget. And that is, give them toys that just happen to help them do their job.

At home, even your older staff have got used to an age where every kind of digital asset is integrated seamlessly at their fingertips, and they can have a dozen different tabs open on their browsers, letting them switch between work and play without blinking or noticing. And at a highly efficient data rate that makes them roll their eyes impatiently when their computer takes even a couple of seconds to draw a breath. That’s what they’re now used to.

And now you want them to, like, revert to the Stone Age? (Sorry – a lapse into youthspeak there.) To grapple with archaic sales solutions that were maybe state of the art once, but now are slow, bulky, rarely if ever updated (and perhaps incapable of updating)? And to cope with all the things the system can’t manage, like stock check …

“Is this item in stock?”

“I’ll just go and see, sir.”

How their heart must skip a beat at the thought of making the tenth journey that day down the stairs to the basement, because that’s the only way they have of looking up the inventory.

And then the customer wants to make a purchase, and the POS interface is so cumbersome and the line so busy that they might as well go up to the roof and semaphore the customer’s card details to the bank.

That isn’t fun.

So, just like they can go from tab to tab on a browser without noticing, why not give them tools at work that are just as much fun as the tools at home? Like a suite of POS products custom made for the iPad, the device that has done more in recent years than any other to blur the divide between work and play, and transform the technological landscape while it’s at it.

Revel Systems was founded in the modern age and so, like your employees, that is what it’s used to. Every solution that we sell – and our full range covers all the aspects of managing your staff and inventory, and selling your products – is tailored to your business’s specific needs, and we can guarantee that they’re fun to use. But don’t take our word for it. Follow this link below to the demo sign-up page and take the point of sale for a spin.