Revel Systems 2.10 Release: What's Important

At Revel we are constantly looking at new ways to improve our system for our customers, and our latest release is designed to help you streamline your business and become a true power user. With Revel’s 2.10 Release, there are a plethora of new features to cover. However, we will highlight "What's Important," to make sure you are getting the most out of our latest release.

Delivery Management Redesign - Making You a Delivery Management Power User

The redesign of the Delivery Management system in the Revel POS now makes it easy to manage your entire delivery process from start to finish. When an order is ready, the system can show you things like whether the order is assigned to a driver, what's the best route to the customer, and helps you to track your deliveries with new Driver and Driver Manager controls. Colored pins next to the orders indicate the state of the order throughout the entire process, and new report options give you detailed data of your day's orders. Managing a delivery system has never been this easy!

Loyalty Program - Keep Them Coming Back

Loyalty programs are a major part of any modern business in the digital age. They can keep your customers engaged, and most importantly keep them coming back. With our latest release you can set up a loyalty program that works for your business, and customize loyalty options that work best with your customer base. You can set up different point levels, use discounts as rewards, allow multiple rewards per transaction, have loyalty tiers that control how customers’ points accrue, and even allow customers to redeem rewards points on online orders. It's an excellent and simple way to start from new, or revamp your current loyalty program entirely.

Quick Product Creation - Making it Easier for You

Adding new products to your store's product list can be exhausting and extremely repetitive. Our latest release adds a new quick product creation popup that can be accessed at the top of your product list. It makes adding new products more streamlined and much easier by only requiring the minimal set of fields necessary to create a new and functional product on the product list. Now it will be a breeze adding temporary seasonal items to your product list, and more importantly to create matrix products using a parent product as the template for all the child products underneath it.

Age Verification - Protection for Your Business

This latest feature was added with bars, restaurants, and convenience stores in mind. It helps ensure that no product that requires age verification is sold to an under-age customer. For example, you can put in place settings that require an exact age be entered when purchasing alcohol. For further protection, you can even require an employee to input the customer's exact birth date from their identification in order to purchase the product or add it to an order.

As you can see, there are many new features with this latest release to enable you work smarter and and get the most out of your Revel system, and we have only highlighted a few. We encourage you to click this link for our full release notes on Release 2.10, so you can dive deeper into all the great new features and changes. For additional questions or clarification about this latest release, please contact us 24/7 at (415) 744-1433. Remember, our releases are designed with you in mind, and our engineering team is directed by your feature requests and feedback. Thank you for continuing to help us create a better point of sale.

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