Pulling Back the Curtains on Digital Menu Boards

The old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” couldn’t be any more accurate than when used to describe Digital Menu Boards. What you may not know is that an incredible amount of marketing research and best business practices go into getting the most out of these incredible devices. Ignoring even the smallest detail of proper Digital Menu Board setup, design and functionality could have a huge financial impact on your business.

Much More than just “Meets the Eye”

Back in the fifties, advertisers on the latest fad of the time, television, were accused of using subliminal messages to force viewers into buying their products. While it was probably just a hoax, the idea of targeted advertising messages is a sound marketing strategy and even more viable today. Your Digital Menu Board is a blank slate that you can populate with just about anything you want your customers to see; but a well thought out plan to utilize it to the fullest offers far more challenges than may be readily apparent.

Market Research and Psychology 101

Did you know that you can target and identify specific traits of what consumers look at? The designers of restaurant menus arrange images and text to guide the reader’s eye to different areas on the page. According to the Design School website, most food industry psychological researchers (yes, they really exist!) have determined that when people view a menu, their eyes first gravitate to the upper right hand corner. It’s here that you’ll likely find either higher-priced items or items they’d like to sell more of. The same precise calculations used in preparing menus transfer directly to Digital Menu Boards, with one huge difference. Content can literally be changed at will, without a single trip to the print shop!

Method to the Madness

A story on the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) website reveals that the most effective message boards are highly visible, with minimal print. Product images are used specifically to draw the customer’s eye to their favorite choices. By moving items around, you can assure your customers are viewing the entire Digital Menu Board, and are aware of all the options available to them. When optimized, your Digital Menu Board can improve your customer’s overall experience and create a deeper level of interaction, as reported on beforeitsnews.com.

One-Stop Digital Message Board Solutions

Revel Systems provides the easiest path to Digital Menu Board ownership, activation and full utilization. Our staff has access to the latest market research and consumer data, and we can give you inside info on key features such as placement, layout and design, phrasing, text fonts and content creation. Our cloud-based Digital Menu Boards use dazzling Samsung Smart HDTVs in sizes ranging from 42 inches to 65 inches, so space is never a problem. Our digital signage software interacts directly with your Point of Sale for centralized management and the ability to make changes in real-time.