Outside Lands: How to Run a Successful Music Festival

With the summer starting to wrap up, it’s time for all of the different music festivals across the country. August 7th marks the start of Outside Lands in San Francisco, one weekend of nonstop music, art, comedy, and partying. This year headliners include Elton John, Mumford & Sons, and The Black Keys. These plus many, many more artists make up the 2015 lineup. During such a crazy event you always want to make sure everything is fully stocked and working before the weekend starts, nothing should slow down a weekend of music and fun. Here are the top three features necessary to ensure that your event runs smoothly from start to finish.

Make sure you are always ready to accept a sale
With these festivals being outside and in locations where Wi-Fi connection may be spotty, it is imperative to have a system where you will never lose a sale during Internet loss. Revel's Always On Mode continues to process payments and orders even when the Internet is running slow or shuts down completely. Once the Wi-Fi connection returns, all of the data collected while off network will sync with the cloud instantly. You will even be able to measure how many sales you would have lost had you been non-operational during the power outage.

Stay on top of customer demand
No customer likes it when their favorite item is out of stock, especially when they are trying to buy items fast in order to get back to the music. Inventory management allows you to avoid manually counting items and tells you exactly when and how much to restock. Track everything in real-time so customers will never find anything out of stock again!

Get insight on how your event is performing
Do you ever want to know what your top selling items are or what exactly your customers' buying behavior is? Look no further than through real-time reporting, allowing you to gain insight on your business in real-time. You will be able to determine your best and worst selling items and make decisions to improve event this year and the next.

With only one weekend for most of these summer festivals, time is always of the essence. What better way to run your business efficiently and effectively then with a POS system that provides you with all of the necessary features for your business to not only function, but thrive during a music festival! Think Revel is for you?