Lappert’s Ice Cream: A Fully-Integrated Point of Sale

Lappert’s Ice Cream became Revel Systems’ first customer in 2010. Since that time, the business has grown from producing ice cream for 15 locations to approximately 200, including the super-popular Sausalito location.

The success of this family-owned, father-and-son business is due in no small part to the exceptional performance of the Revel iPad Point of Sale as both a register and management tool. Download our case study, The Story Behind Revel’s First Customer: Lappert’s Ice Cream, to learn more about the following highlights that have kept Lappert’s a faithful Revel Systems customer for five years and counting:

No Turning Back
When Michael Lappert first launched his ice cream manufacturing business in 1983, he literally managed finances from a shoe box. Though he eventually moved on to an electronic system, once he switched to a simple iPad Point of Sale, he never turned back. “Revel has made me a better business owner by being more efficient. Our sales have been increased by 12 percent in one store and 22 percent in the other,” Lappert says. With the power of Revel, Lappert is confident that he will have the capacity to open an additional 50 establishments in the next five years.

A Breeze for Employees
Michael and his son/co-owner Isaac regularly take on young recruits to man the ice cream counters. These millennial generation employees love to use the iPad Point of Sale and know almost intuitively how to use it. The Lapperts save time and money on training, as new employees can become proficient in the system in a day’s time. And when it comes to managing a workforce of numerous part-timers, the Revel iPad POS management console is a lifesaver in terms of tracking timesheets and administering payroll.

Ease of Ownership
Operating a business comes with various backend duties, from monitoring sales performance to making menu and price changes, and the Revel iPad Point of Sale enables Michael and Isaac to do so quickly. When questions regarding the system do come up, the Lapperts have found Revel’s 24/7 customer support to be instantaneous and thorough. “Responders are easy to speak with and resolve issues quickly,” Lappert says.

Ready to ugrade your Point of Sale system? Find out more about how Revel Systems' iPad POS System helps Lappert’s Ice Cream stay successful, from preventing losses in revenues due to Internet slowdowns to enabling integrated hardware additions. The Story Behind Revel’s First Customer: Lappert’s Ice Cream is available for free with the click of a button. Click here to download Lappert's Customer Testimonial (PDF).