How to Choose the Right POS for Your Business

No business is complete without a Point of Sale system, and with today’s advanced technology at your fingertips, the sky’s the limit as to what your business can achieve. With an all-in-one POS solution, you can ring up transactions, project sales, manage employees, track inventory, and even design and execute a custom marketing plan—all from the ease of a single platform. The ramifications of this capability are humongous. In addition to raising efficiency and profitability, the POS can save you countless hours, so you can grow your company to the next level and have time left over to enjoy the quality of life you deserve.

Of course, not every Point of Sale is created equal, and selecting the right Point of Sale is critical to success. As you compare systems, make sure the POS you choose is specifically tailored to your business needs. Free to download, the Official Guide to Choosing Your Point of Sale Platform details key considerations you need to ask before purchasing, such as:

How Does It Compare?
In today’s restaurants and retail establishments, you’ll find everything from Legacy POS systems to iPad Cash Registers to iPad POS systems. What are the similarities and differences between the three? Our free guide conducts a side-by-side comparison of the evolving POS categories, sizing them up in terms of upfront costs, setup process, cloud technology, security risk, customized features, and more, so you can make an informed decision.

Is It Industry-Specific?
There are many POS systems out there—some are specific to one industry. A restaurant POS, for instance, may have the ability to split checks and print orders to the kitchen while a retail POS may scan items by barcode and utilize a customer reward program. Other POS systems, like the Revel iPad POS, can be adapted to more than one industry and built out for your specific business needs. Make sure your POS has customizable features, like third-party integration, so your system can evolve with ever-changing customer demands.

What’s the Return on Investment?
Upgrading your POS entails a sizable investment, but the value should far outweigh cost in the long-run. Beyond calculating how much money you’ll need to spend up-front, keep your eye on the prize by evaluating each POS system’s potential to hold value for your company. Can it grow to scale with your business? This alone can save you the cost of a major upgrade down the line.

How Easy Is It to Use?
Does the POS have a friendly interface that you and your employees can learn quickly? The free guide’s ease-of-use checklist will help you determine whether or not the POS in question is a time-saver—or a time-waster.

Ready to take your business to the next level? It all begins with Point of Sale. Get the comprehensive list of key considerations to choosing your secret weapon for success in the free definitive guide: The Official Guide to Choosing Your Point of Sale System - Download now.