The Next Phase of POS

We’ve certainly come a long way from typewriter-like cash registers with pop-up prices; or inaccurate scanners that beep when they can’t read a barcode. Today’s POS systems offer a wide variety of features and functions that elevate even the smallest of businesses into the digital age. Making the right choices about the direction your business is heading should determine which new technologies you embrace and incorporate, and which ones to leave behind. Here are a few things to look for:

An iPad POS Solution
Apple iPads are incredible devices and have changed the way we read, work and play. The real-world business applications of this wonderful product are expanding daily, and will continue to exceed expectations as new applications hit the marketplace. With Revel, the iPad serves as your main POS terminal and integrates easily with your system’s existing devices creating a new, more streamlined workflow. Revel’s cutting edge (and always improving) software, combined with Apple’s ergonomic design creates a POS system designed to meet and exceed the challenges of any business environment.

Are you ready for EMV?
EMV, short for EuroPay, MasterCard, Visa is due to take effect in the United States in October 2015 according to a story on EMV-compliant credit and debit cards are already in use in Europe, Canada, Latin America and the Asian Pacific regions. Smart chips embedded in the cards are designed to combat credit card fraud estimated at $8.6 billion annually in the United States alone. The story places the number of active credit cards at 1.24 billion, and the number of POS terminals at 15.4 million with most located in other countries. The estimated cost of the change-over to EMV is $8.65 billion dollars. This figure covers upgrading and replacing existing POS and ATM terminals, and re-issuing millions of credit and debit cards. Any decision concerning a new POS system has to include consideration of the EMV integration later this year, and Revel can certainly help.

What is active API?
We all learn at an early age that we need to ask for the things we want. Adding a “please” is a good way to assure we get the desired result. API or Application Program Interface simply put; asks other software to perform various functions required by the system to operate correctly as outlined in a recent article. Revel has three levels of iPad POS API integration designed to fit any sized business. With Revel you can add or remove features allowing a fully customized system that is fast, simple, and cost effective.

Moving Forward
There are many challenges on the POS horizon, and it stands to reason that strong navigation of these troubling waters is essential to any business’s success. Why not let Revel’s steady hand take the wheel and assure a pleasant cruise into the future of POS systems?