Top Benefits of an iPad POS System for Your Business

Today’s business environment is filled with challenges that simply didn’t exist a few short years ago. Social media has connected us in ways no one thought possible; while electronic gadgets like cell phones and tablets are as commonplace today as a Rolodex was 20 years ago. Retailers, restaurants, bars and grocery stores are just a few of the businesses that are facing hard choices about the way they’ve always operated. Entering the digital age is becoming more of a necessity than a choice as technology now integrates almost every facet of our daily lives.

Choosing the Right POS System
A February 2014 article on highlights the features of POS systems and concludes that most businesses benefit from their use. The article takes a general overview approach to POS technology, but choosing the right POS system is ultimately the more important decision. The idea of overhauling an existing POS system that has functioned adequately in the past gives many business owners nightmares. How am I going to operate during the transition; what about inventory control; how will I keep track of time sheets; and how long will it take the staff to get up to speed on the new system? That’s where Revel Systems comes in.

Benefits of an iPad POS System
Revel’s iPad POS System is an All-in-One POS Solution designed to hit the ground running by consolidating key functions like inventory management, open API and intelligent reporting, and providing numerous benefits. Revel’s iPad POS is a user friendly solution that your employees will master quickly, virtually illuminating lag time during the transition. In fact, Revel will have your staff up to speed on the new system in under 20 minutes. Features like Easy Checkout and Touch Screen Technology put everything from taking an order to swiping a credit card at your fingertips.

Not Just Another Pretty Face
Sure, Revel’s iPad POS looks great on your countertop, especially with our state of the art mounting stands. The sleek look of an iPad shows your customers you’re as connected as they are, but the real benefit is in the technology that powers the system. Since 50 percent of Revel’s staff is comprised of engineers, research and development is our primary focus. Our “Top Shelf” hardware is built tough and designed to provide years of flawless service. Our hardware is PCI compliant to ensure all of your business information is safe and 100 percent secure. Our systems also have the flexibility to grow as your business grows so adding new stations or even new locations will never be a problem.

Your New Silent Partner
With a Revel iPad POS system in place, you’ll see immediate benefits that include more efficient execution of your business model, a better utilization of time from your staffers, better inventory control and a more profitable enterprise. Why not take on a Revel iPad POS as your new, silent business partner?