Stay Up-to-Date with Revel’s Release Notes

Stay on top of the latest updates with our iPad Point of Sale (POS) software by accessing Revel’s Release Notes! The Revel Engineering Team is hard at work to provide you the best features and user experience possible for your iPad POS. All Customer Facing and Management Console features and enhancements are documented in the Revel Release Notes. Learn about every change and addition to our iPad POS software from version 1510 to the latest version 1520, on Revel’s Release Notes Page.

Did you know there is a new iPhone/iPod barcode scanner functionality? Or new digital menu boards? Don’t miss out on new enhancements that can help grow your business and maximize your sales potential. Here are just a few of our latest enhancements included in the 1520 Release Notes:

1520 Customer Facing Release Notes | Features

  • KDS Bump Function
    Revel now supports a KDS bump function. You can set up kitchen view flows on the Management Console. The product gets sent to the first view in the flow. When it is marked as done on the flow it moves on to the second view and so forth. This is designed for kitchens that run an assembly line – one station adds the bread, the next piles on the meat and the final station picks the veggies.
  • Rewards for Visits and Sales
    Revel customers can now set up rewards for a number of visits or number of sales instead of just points connected to items. If you manage a rewards card, Revel will display data for each kind of reward you offer.
  • iPhone/iPod Barcode Scanner
    You no longer need to buy a bluetooth scanner to use the mobile inventory app. Just tap “Scan with Camera” on your iPhone camera, zap the product’s barcode and Revel does the rest. This feature works great with the Revel Inventory Management Console.

Access the entire 1520 Customer Facing Release Notes here.

1520 Management Console Release Notes | Features

  • Web Appointments
    Customers can schedule appointments online with businesses that use Revel’s reservations system. They can login via Facebook or create a profile on the web portal. Assuming customers provide a valid phone number, Revel will send them an SMS notification.
  • Digital Menu Boards
    Digital Menu Boards have been completely redesigned and incorporated into the Revel Dashboard with multiple improvements. Establishment owners can create and configure their DMB’s themselves on the Management Console. Revel offers multiple board options to choose from: full-page image, 2-column layout, 3-column layout or 8 tiles layout.

Digital Menu Board Display Options

Digital Menu Board Options

Access the entire 1520 Customer Facing Release Notes here.

All release notes are easily accessible on Revel’s Release Notes Page. Stay tuned for more features and updates!