1515 Release Notes

Revel Blog | Revel | November 12, 2014 |

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The Revel Systems team is proud to announce the release of Atlas 1515, which includes updates to the Revel KDS.

Updated features include:

  • Employee declared breaks. Employees attempting to clock out will be prompted to declare if they are either ending their shift or going on break. Depending on backend management settings, the system will also ask if the break is paid or unpaid. The clockout receipt will detail all breaks.
  • Automated service fees. Automated services fees set up in the backend will now appear on the iPad POS. These can be set for date ranges, dining type, number of guests, and payment types.
  • Modifier substitutions. Modifier substitutions can now be enforced - if an employee attempts to unselect a default modifier that has substitutions turned on, the modifier window will automatically offer relevant substitutions.
  • Full screen mode. See more products at once by selecting the new “full screen mode.” The order screen will be temporarily hidden, giving users a fuller view of their product offering. This is especially helpful to Bar POS users.

Enhancements include:

  • House Accounts settings. Now you can set up your House Account payments to follow Credit Receipt settings. This includes prompts, numbers of receipts, and most importantly - tip and signature lines.
  • Font size. The updated presentation of product and category tiles allows you to change the product box font size. Users can now choose between 14-22 pt font, and 18 pt is the default. This setting is on the iPad, so you can change this on a per-iPad basis.
  • Max modifiers. We now display a message on the modifier window if you have hit the maximum number of modifiers allowed for a modifier class.

Read the full 1515 release notes here. We at Revel are constantly making improvements and updates to the Revel Systems POS, and we value your input. Contact us today if you have a suggestion or would like to learn more.