Powered by Revel: Coastal Pacific Food Distributors

CPFD, Coastal Pacific Food Distributors, has been dedicated to serving the United States military since 1986. Matt Payne, VP of California Pacific, oversees CPFD’s retail sushi outlets. Matt chose Revel iPad POS for CPFD’s first quick service sushi shop located on an American military base in Guam.

The Need for Greater Business Insight
Prior to venturing outside of their traditional supermarket kiosks and into the military food court arena, CPFD was not required to have a point of sale system because their supermarket kiosk transactions are processed through the supermarket’s registers.

“In the supermarkets, we have limited access to the POS data and minimum transparency into what we are selling,” said Matt.

Operating in the food court was a different business model, which required that CPFD install and operate a POS system. While this presented a new challenge for CPFD, it also presented an opportunity to gain control of information and greater insight into their business.

CPFD needed a system that was “very simple” and easy to learn, with strong customer support to assist staff thousands of miles away from the home office.

The solution: Real-time Sushi Sales Data with Revel POS
After installing the Revel Systems POS, CPFD gained new insight into what they were selling, how much, and at what times. For example, Revel’s product mix report allowed CPFD to see their “top moving items” in real-time.

CPFD has also benefited from Revel’s ingredient-level inventory tracking. “Revel’s ingredients features  allow us to track gross margins by product, giving us a much better understanding of where our profits are being generated”, noted Matt.

Data from 8,000 miles away
The back-end website has enabled Matt’s team to monitor sales and labor productivity from anywhere with an internet connection. “We can find out what we are selling right now, thousands of miles from the food court,” he said. Revel has also saved CPFD countless hours of manual entry and administration time. “The amount of time we would typically spend managing this type of operation has been reduced by 50%,” Matt said. This has allowed them to save valuable resources that would have otherwise been required to collect and monitor operations data. These resources can now be diverted to other projects - or, as Matt noted, “We can go home earlier.”

“Revel knows”
Matt also appreciates the broader types of information Revel collects and tracks:  “If we sold $1,000 in sushi today, had five people on-shift who clocked a total of 40 hours at five different wage rates, with two people on overtime, Revel immediately tabulates this information.” Matt’s team also uses the labor forecasting report to set and monitor labor cost goals:  “If we input a cost target of 35% in the system, Revel will tell us if we have exceeded this level on any given day. It’s a very quick and effective way to measure productivity.”

Support when they need it
“Revel’s customer support has been most impressive - everyone has been extremely friendly, helpful, and diligent towards serving our needs,” said Matt. He noted that the consistency of quality customer service experienced by CPFD is “hard to create”. As Matt wisely pointed out, “No matter how good the technology, if you fail to deliver the necessary support your customers will not be happy with the whole product.” Matt noted that “Customer support was one of the primary reasons we chose Revel, and Revel has definitely delivered in this regard.”