Tips for Delivery Success at Your Restaurant

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, consumers in the highest income group split their food budget evenly between food made at home and away from home. A 2012 Statistica survey revealed that the majority of survey respondents plan to continue spending the same amount on food delivery, versus cutting back.

Long story short, food delivery is not going anywhere. When fatigue or time constraints make cooking impossible, the convenience of enjoying a well-prepared meal from the comfort of home is a luxury that Americans can’t do without.

Whether you are a restaurant owner considering expansion into this $25 billion segment of the restaurant business or just starting out on a new food delivery venture, the following tips are essential to survival and success:

Convenient Ordering. How will you manage and process orders? While today’s customers order take-out or delivery online, in-person, and even via text, telephone orders are still the most common. Providing a wide variety of options is critical, as well as streamlining each into an efficient platform, such as the Revel Systems iPad POS Delivery Management Console.

Accuracy. When customers dine in-house, mistakes with an order can be remedied relatively quickly, but the same can’t be said when food must be packaged and delivered. In this regard, accurate food delivery the first time around is pivotal to maintain customer satisfaction and minimize costs.

Reduce human error by tracking your orders via point of sale software and assigning staff to perform quality control checks before delivery. With Revel’s Delivery Management Console, each order is immediately entered into the delivery queue, and no order is ever lost.

Efficient Routes. How will your server find the customer, and how long will it take him to get there? Your backend operations should provide a mapping function to identify designated delivery areas. Drivers can thus verify addresses, print directions, and assess potential delivery charges. At the end of the day, Revel’s up-to-the minute analytics break down average and individual delivery times.

Customer Knowledge. How quickly can you pull up returning customer info, or save new customer data? Your delivery point of sale system should efficiently store and display guest information, including order and payment history. This information can be used for everything from better servicing customers to sending targeting emails for your marketing campaigns.

Revel’s Caller ID and CRM features work in conjunction to pull up returning customer info or prompt staff to enter info for new callers.

Restaurant POS Systems that have a delivery system can increase your sales through multiple ordering methods, without breaking the bank. A platform meant to simplify the delivery process is a must. Use one you trust to help customers order and pay for their meals easily, expediting the process so the food arrives on time and as ordered.