3 Great Ways to Create a Store Environment

Think about your favorite in-store shopping experience. Other than the items you’re looking to buy, what stands out? You probably don’t realize it at the time, but music, decor, and lighting all affect the store environment. Next time you pop in a store, take a look and listen, you may just rethink the retail experience.

It’s all about your audience! Depending on the demographics of a store, noise can play a huge part in the success of sales. According to a study by The Guardian, there was a 39.2% increase in sales when slow music was played inside supermarkets. A slower pace brings a relaxing environment, which means more time browsing. Other stores, like Abercrombie & Fitch, take a different approach when it comes to playing music in their store by pumping loud, adrenaline-inducing and, sometimes abrasive tunes through their speakers. This bass-thumping tactic may scare off a few customers, but will probably entice their teenage demographic to spend most of their time head bobbing while shopping.

Visibility is key for shopping comfort in a retail store; however, both high and low level lighting can make shoppers feel uneasy. Bright fluorescent lights are often bothersome and sometimes lead to headaches. Dim lighting can make it hard to compare colors, which might lead shoppers to feel weary about purchasing a product. This is a tough one, but the balance between light and dark must also reflect the aesthetics of the store. Stores like Best Buy use a nice balance of highlighting their main floor, while using dim lighting to take viewers into their showroom.

Large bulky cash registers often distract users from merchandise, and take away from carefully planned interiors. The in-store experience can be magnified with eye pleasing aesthetics such as upgraded technology. Ditching an old cash register or legacy system for an iPad Point of Sale System is becoming a more common theme among retailers looking to catch the eye of their consumers. The iPad’s sleek design clears counter space, while an intuitive UI design can engage customers to keep them coming back for more. Stop by retail shops like Belkin and Goodwill to see how iPad cash registers are being utilized for decor.