Top 5 Domestic Beers this July 4th

There is always a bit of subjectivity when deciding the “top” of anything, but as far as actual sales figures, it’s a pretty safe bet that most of us can easily name the top five best-selling domestic beers in America. According to a story in The Atlantic, the top selling beers in 2013 were:

  1.     Bud Light         $5,946,776,000
  2.     Coors Light      $2,360,430,000
  3.     Budweiser        $2,110,352,000
  4.     Miller Light     $1,868,866,000
  5.     Natural Light  $1,122,770,000

Craft beers are also extremely popular with Americans, and Samuel Adams and Sierra Nevada top the list in that category. Not surprisingly, beer popularity is also based on geographical location. The Atlantic article reports that with the exception of California that favors Corona, the Great Northwest and Southwest Regions prefer Blue Moon. Bud Light is big in the Central States, while Yuengling Traditional, Blue Moon, and Samuel Adams are frontrunners in the Northeast.

While our beer choices vary from place to place, one thing we can all agree on is a barbecue will make just about any beer taste great. Americans are also in agreement about which day is the most popular for barbecues – the Fourth of July! The most popular food served hot off the grill on Independence Day is burgers, followed closely by steak, hot dogs and chicken according to the Health, Patio and Barbecue Association (HBPA).

Thomas Jefferson began the White House tradition of barbecuing, but it was Lyndon Johnson who raised the bar for presidential cookouts by serving Texas-style barbecued ribs. Presidents Carter, Reagan and Bush 41 and Bush 43 kept the tradition of White House barbecuing going strong. The HBPA reports the most common sides cooked on the grill include corn, potatoes, and other vegetables. The barbecue sauce most chosen to slather on our ribs, steaks and chicken is hickory, with mesquite, honey, and spicy-hot rounding out the field.  Not a bad choice in the bunch, and all guaranteed to make our favorite ice cold beers taste great!

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