4 Kiosk Innovations that Reinvent Self-Serve Shopping

You already know that self-serve kiosks are good for business. Shorter lines, reduced overhead expenses, and increased customer satisfaction are just a few of the benefits that installing a kiosk can have for your establishment. As the trend of using kiosks continues to rise, the solutions they present grow, too, further enhancing the customer experience. Here are 4 innovative ways other companies are using Kiosks to provide a superior customer experience:

1. Reinventing how packages are picked up. Online shopping is a must for the millions of consumers who’ve come to rely on its convenience and simplicity. But there’s no denying the down side – lost, late, or stolen packages can be downright cumbersome. One of the biggest online retailers out there came up with an innovative solution in the form of a self-serve kiosk system – the Amazon Locker.The lockers are located at select retail stores, such as 7-Eleven. An Amazon shopper has the choice of having their packages delivered to a secure locker instead of their home address. Shoppers choose the location for their deliveries, entering a unique pick-up code on the kiosk touch screen to retrieve their packages. Sure beats interrogating the mail carrier!

2. Riding the Interactive Wave. Consumers can’t resist a smart touch screen. A new wave of interactive vending machines selling everything from soda to make-up engages with consumers in a way that outdated, paper-swallowing machines never could. L’Oreal’s interactive vending machine, for instance, offers color matching, product suggestions, and digital animation that features a shopper’s unique silhouette. While offering a new level of “personalized” service, smart vending machines like this one help businesses by storing transaction histories and delivering new data about who customers are and what they’re buying.

3. A More Personalized Retail Experience. It’s one of the biggest retail trends this year: customizable products. Self-serve kiosks turn up consumer engagement by helping to unleash the inner designer in every shopper. Foot Locker’s virtual, 3D shoe customization kiosk, for example, gives shoppers the opportunity to customize their New Balance 574 shoe with billions, yes billions, of potential color combinations, and, of course, the chance to brag about their creations on social media.

4. Combining the Best of Both Worlds. These days, it would be impossible to buy everything online, or to go without the Internet altogether. One retailer, Staples, has bet on both in order to stay competitive. Last year, Staples introduced their “omnichannel stores,” merging self-serve, kiosk shopping into their retail locations. This enabled the retail giant to reduce their brick and mortar spaces while giving in-store shoppers the convenience of shopping onsite through large, tablet-style kiosks, with employees at the ready to answer questions.

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