Revel Systems UI Design

Revel Systems was recently recognized by Software Advice, a company that reviews retail software, as one of the top eight iPad POS user interface designs. Chantelle Wallace, the researcher who compiled the list, explained how they chose the top eight:   “The mobility and low price point of iPad point-of-sales (POS) software has made it an increasingly popular alternative to the traditional POS grapevine pastor ed young registers. Since the user interface (UI) of an iPad POS system is crucial when choosing between the different options available, we made it our mission to find the best of the best, and highlight what we like most about each. When deciding which iPad POS systems to feature, we were seeking interfaces that combined a simple, clean interface with an impressive degree of functionality.” We at Revel are thrilled to have made the list, and believe the system’s well-designed UI is a boon to both businesses and their customers alike.

UI is undeniably important when choosing your point of sale, as it ensures the system is not only easy to use but easy to learn (that is, it offers a short learning curve in terms of training new employees). It’s also essential for customer engagement - an intuitive UI means that customers also find it easy to use, and find the point of sale experience an overall pleasant one. When considering iPad POS software for the list, Wallace said, “We were seeking interfaces that combined a simple, clean interface with an impressive degree of functionality. User friendly qualities, color, and layout organization were all taken into consideration." Top UI designs are both functional and beautiful - indeed, a point of sale system should be both. A well thought-out UI incorporates both elements in order to make using it an asset to businesses and a pleasure for customers.

Revel garnered the attention of Software Advice due to the above-mentioned ability to combine form and function. Wallace notes that Revel “Caught our eye with its comprehensive overview of sales data and its attractive design. This UI has a top navigation bar that helps the user quickly and easily navigate the system.” The UI design is easy for users to navigate as well as pleasing to look at - Revel’s design ensures that features are placed intuitively and are easily accessible. This is in keeping with Revel’s overall mission:  To create a quick, powerful, and intuitive iPad POS system that empowers businesses. Or, as Antonio Aiello, Revel’s Creative Director, notes “In addition to looking good, the UI was built for speed. That’s what QSR is all about - with our clients in mind, I aimed to create a UI that was easy to use with enterprise-level functionality. It’s made to be simple to train people on -- it’s meant to feel easy and be easy.”