Preparing Your Grocery Store for Summer

The summer season offers a variety of challenges and opportunities for grocers of all sizes. Your customers will be stocking up on barbecue items and seasonal fruits and vegetables as outings and family get-togethers increase. Americans love cooking outside, and the most popular barbecuing day of the year is the Fourth of July. According to the Health, Patio, and Barbecue Association (HPBA), 71 percent of Americans barbecue in celebration of our nation’s Independence Day.

While meat is a mainstay throughout the year, there are many fruits and vegetables that are at their best during the summer months. These include watermelon, strawberries, peaches, grapes, guava and a host of other scrumptious, healthy options. A complete list of most seasonal fruits and vegetables can be found at

In addition to the obvious food items, seasonal products can also contribute greatly to the bottom line. Whether you’re a small neighborhood grocer of a multiple store chain, it’s a good idea to get ahead of the summer season by stocking items like charcoal, barbecue grills and utensils, disposable plates and flatware, and even ice chests. The summer months also offer many promotional opportunities with beer, soft drink, and snack food manufacturers. Your local reps can provide info on how your store or chain can participate.

Keeping track of stock levels and supply chains can be daunting during normal times, but the summer months can be especially tricky to navigate. That’s where Revel Systems comes in.  Revel’s Intelligent Reporting is a key feature of your iPad POS system. We provide industry-leading data analytics to offer a complete history of every order placed through your iPad POS system. Did last year’s hot dog and bun orders coincide?  Did you run out of paper plates before closing time on July 3rd of last year? Don’t worry if you don’t remember—your iPad POS system does.

Stock levels are an important component to your business model, but Revel’s iPad POS does so much more. With access to a total sales summary showing all payments and transactions as well as a breakdown of sales by the hour, you’ll always be on top of your store’s financial data stream. You can also track all products sold during a specific time period, and have total access to details on all orders you’ve placed and received. And, you can keep an eye on staffing to be sure you’re covered during peak times.