Revel Pop-up Shop

How often can you walk into a store and see everything from sunglasses to vintage candy to custom jeans being sewn right in front of you? All of this was possible at the first Revel pop-up shop in Ghirardelli Square. This pop-up featured many businesses that do not have a physical storefront, and therefore were able to take full advantage of marketing their brand in a new way. Revel Systems provided each vendor with an iPad point-of-sale system for the week so they could see the advantages of running a business with a POS.

Along with providing these vendors a space to set up and sell their product, Revel also hoped to show these businesses how technology could help streamline their business. With Revel, owners have all of the important information easily available so that they can make decisions to change their business in a positive way. Revel wanted to show that their system is in fact quick, intuitive, and powerful. Toni O’Hare from Slim Pockets noticed Revel’s motto and said, “The system is indeed all that.”

Several of the vendors loved how easily accessible the mobile unit was, and Sage Wright from Westward Leaning talked about how nice it was to be able to walk around and interact with customers while also keeping an eye on their merchandise.

Paul Jansen from Paulcity said, “Revel System was incredibly easy. You don’t need to learn it, you just need to read the options on the screen, it’s that user friendly.”

The first mobile payment that a customer made with PayPal™ really impressed all the vendors. A tourist who had no cash walked in, saw the flyer, and asked if they could pay with their phone. All they had to do was check into Slim Pockets, the merchant tapped on their face on the screen of the POS, and the transaction was complete. This simplicity allows for a much quicker check out, decreasing the wait time and as a result makes customers happier. Everyone at the pop-up shop was really excited to see how easy it was!

By the end of the week the vendors were raving about the system, including Amy McVay from Stikwood: “This is one of the easiest POS systems I’ve used, I love the accessibility of the iPad, stationary or mobile.”  The pop-up shop was a success in providing a place for these vendors to do business and exposing them to the benefits of using Revel’s POS system.

This event was a way to show people how easy Revel was to set up and the speed at which the vendors learned the system. In only three short days, we created a pop-up with 15 terminals, complete PayPal™ functionality, and successfully trained everyone. Imagine how much Revel could help your business in that amount of time! Why wait to try it out?