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Stadium POS:  Spend more time watching the game, and less time waiting in line

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It’s said the Colosseum in Rome held up to 50,000 people who were treated to a variety of shows and other forms of entertainment. For its time, the amenities offered including covered seating and special sections for men and women were cutting edge. The floor of the massive structure could even be flooded to allow actual full-sized ships to do battle enactments of Rome’s great sea adventures.

Today’s sports fans and concert goers have come to expect a whole new level of creature comforts and convenience while enjoying games and live music. Plush seating designed for maximum viewing, free WiFi so they can keep in touch with personal communications and social media, and electronic ticketing that gets people into their seats quickly. Another perk attendees could be experiencing is Revel’s iPad POS for Stadiums that lets fans spend less time in concession lines and more time in their seats enjoying the event they came to see.

A 2012 article on the Ann Arbor News website reported on concession sales at a typical University of Michigan football game. In all, 65,000 bottles of water, 15,000 hot dogs, 8,000 personal pizzas and 2,500 bags of kettle corn were sold to a crowd numbering 112,000. When you multiply the attendance by all of the games being played across the nation, the numbers are staggering. Another potentially staggering thing for fans is the time they’ll spend waiting in line for their stadium favorites. A story from CBS Local NY cites the waiting time at Shake Shack (one of the more popular stands at Citi Field, home of the New York Mets) can be up to three innings--that’s one third of the game without seeing a single pitch!

In an effort to streamline stadium and arena waiting times, Revel Systems rolled out their stadium POS in September 2013, launching at the Alabama State University Stadium, as reported in our blog. Revel’s iPad POS for stadiums can handle all of the demands of a stadium rush by trimming transaction times and streamlining multiple purchases assuring fans spend less time in line, and more time enjoying the game. Revel also allows for in-seat mobile ordering, allowing fans to skip the line altogether.

Revel’s iPad POS is 14 percent faster than legacy systems, which adds up in those few minutes between innings or quarters, and provides additional features like inventory management in real time, and an intuitive learning curve that gets staffers up to speed quickly. And, Revel’s Always On Mode allows transactions to continue even during outages.  Fans of sports and music spend a great deal of money on tickets to see their favorite athletes and artists; why not let them enjoy seeing them up close from their seats instead of seeing the back of someone’s head while standing in line?