Top 5 Cinco De Mayo Treats

Revel Blog | Revel | May 5, 2014 |

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Happy Cinco De Mayo! As leaders in the restaurant industry, we’re bringing you the top 5 Cinco De Mayo treats to try in celebration of today’s holiday. Check them out below and tweet us your favorite one!

1) Churros


Who can resist the cinnamon-sugar crunch of the churro? Mysterious in origin, churros made their way from Spain to America; however, they are well-known to those who have had a bite. Churros are normally eaten at breakfast, so start your day off with one this morning. If you’re feeling a little crazy, you might like try them with a little chocolate as the cocoa bean is a great complement to the churro.

2) Guacamole


Holy Moly, Guacamole! I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase before. That’s because guacamole is quickly becoming one of the most desired dips in American cuisine. Created by the Aztecs, guacamole is made by mashing up avocados. Add tomato, onion, and spices to give your guacamole the extra kick it needs for a great Cinco De Mayo treat.

3) Margaritas


What exactly is in the most well-known Cinco De Mayo cocktail other than tequila? A classic margarita is mixed with tequila, triple sec, and lime juice, with or without salt on the rim of the glass. The margarita can be served in versatile fashion: blended, on the rocks, or straight up. The origin of the margarita is unknown, but there’s no doubt it is a favorite in Mexican-American restaurants across the US. Have a few of these today and you’ll be shouting, “Tequila is my lady” in no time.

4) Flan


Flan, also known as crème caramel, is a caramel custard dessert that can be served cold or warm. Although French in origin, flan has become a popular dessert in Latin American context. Unlike a hard caramel shell as is common for crème brûlée, flan is drizzled with a soft caramel layer.

5) Horchata


After a long day of devouring your favorite Cinco De Mayo treats, wash them down with a chilled glass of horchata. In most Latin American restaurants in the United States, horchata is available as a rice blend opposed to the traditional tigernuts blend. Usually served chilled, horchata is becoming so popular many US restaurants have been experimenting with frappe versions. It’s so good Vampire Weekend even wrote a song about it.

Tweet us your favorite Cinco De Mayo treats and what you’ll be munching on today!